Is engine idling a problem where you live? The Central Beds Council wants your feedback


Is engine idling a problem in your neighborhood?

The council hopes to better understand if residents have issues with vehicles that leave their engines running when stationary and the impact this has on people and the environment.

The Central Beds Council has launched an investigation into engine idling. PIC: Getty

The council recently passed legislation allowing it to take enforcement action if drivers leave their engines running when stationary.

The law requires the board to take a measured approach to any action it takes – meaning it must be clear when, where and why it is an issue.

Now the council asks for your help in deciding how to use this legislation effectively and wants to know if there are any problems in your area.

In general, air quality in Central Bedfordshire meets government air quality target levels – although there are currently three Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).

Councilor Ian Dalgarno, Executive Member of Community Services, said: “Air pollution has serious effects on our health and our environment. Improving the quality of the air we breathe in central Bedfordshire is a top priority and we can all play our part in achieving this.

“I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to complete the survey, as it will help us understand the impact of drivers not turning off their engines when stationary, and areas that may need to be targeted for make improvements.”

The survey only takes a few minutes and ends on April 30. Visit the council’s website to participate.

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