India engineer who sold railroad engine to runaway junkyard


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Patna: Police have launched a massive manhunt against a runaway railway engineer accused of selling the railway engine to a junkyard to make a quick buck in what authorities describe as the first such incident in Bihar. The train’s engine had been stored at Purnia station, more than 350 km east of Patna.

Engineer Rajiv Ranjan Jha was reportedly cutting the steam engine to pieces with a gas cutter last week when local railway officials on duty asked him to shut it down. Jha immediately showed them a letter that was allegedly issued by the additional divisional mechanical engineer, but officials were not satisfied with its contents and reported the matter to higher authorities.

By the time higher authorities responded, the man had already taken the dismantled parts in alleged collusion with lower-duty rail personnel and sold them to a scrapyard. The value of the old engine sold is shown in millions. Authorities placed the accused engineer on hold and also filed a complaint against him.

“He [engineer] used a fake official missive to sell the locomotive. No such letter regarding the sale of motors to the scrap yard has been released by the office, ”Division Mechanical Engineer Sanjay Paswan told media on Monday, adding that the accused engineer had been suspended with effect. immediate.

The Divisional Director of Railways (DRM), Samastipur, Alok Agarwal, said an investigation had been ordered into the incident and action had been taken against a few railway officials. “The case is very serious and the investigation is underway to bring the culprits to justice,” DRM said.

Police launched a massive manhunt to catch the accused engineer who went into hiding shortly after the scam surfaced. Police were also unsuccessful in locating the truck carrying the fragmented engine parts or seizing the sold scrap.

The new junkyard scam comes shortly after fraudsters sold dozens of wagons and wheels estimated at Rs 340 million to the Jamalapur Railway Engine Factory in Munger District. According to the report, the scam took place between 2013 and 2017. The case is currently under investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Last month, anti-corruption detectives raided the residence of chief electrical engineer Ravish Kumar stationed in Hajipur, the headquarters of the state-eastern central railways, and recovered 7.6 million rupees in cash, gold jewelry worth over 5 million rupees and deeds of purchase of several plots of land. According to anti-corruption bureau detectives, the engineer’s disproportionate holdings uncovered in the November 26 raids were 183 percent more than his known sources of income.

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