If the air filter is dirty, how does the engine work with a mixture?


Fossil fuel vehicles need air filters. In order for the fuel to burn on the pistons and turn into mechanical force, it needs air. While the air filter supplies clean air to the combustion chamber, it collects particles and dust in the air and prevents them from going to the engine. A dirty air filter creates what is called rich combustion in the vehicle. Fuel that does not burn sufficiently is discharged in raw form. Although this increases the amount of fuel, it decreases vehicle performance.

What is an air filter?

In vehicles using fossil fuels, the device that allows the fuel to burn in the engine and to filter the air is called an air filter. The filter prevents dust, which is mixed with the air in the operating environment of the vehicle, from going into the engine compartment of the vehicle and ensures the smooth operation of the vehicle. Every vehicle that uses fossil fuels has an air filter. When the filter is not in use, dust that makes its way into the combustion chambers of the vehicle’s engine causes serious damage to the vehicle over time. At the same time, the filter ensures that the vehicle uses balanced fuel.

Where is the air filter located in the vehicle?

It is located in the engine compartment of the vehicle, usually in a special device on the fender. On some older models it may be located directly on the carburetor. It can be found in different places in large vehicles. But in any case, it performs the function of sending cool air to the engine.

When to change the air filter?

If used in clean environments, it is important for the health of the engine to change it at each engine oil change. If the vehicle is used in dusty environments, it should be rated based on the dust density in the environment.

Why change the air filter?

Internal combustion engines work by burning a mixture of fossil fuel and air and converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. When the air filter is not replaced, it loses its function and carries the dust contained in the air into the combustion chamber of the engine, that is to say the section where the pistons are located. Dust accumulated on the pistons damages the vehicle’s pistons and liners over time. While significantly reducing vehicle performance, it causes serious damage.

  • Fuel consumption increases with air filter pollution.
  • This causes the engine to run noisily.
  • The engine loses traction.
  • It produces gases that are harmful to the environment.

The air filter is a cheap part that costs between 50 and 150 TL. Change is practical. Prompt replacement protects vehicle performance and prevents economic loss.

Can the air filter be cleaned?

Air filters are one of the least expensive parts of vehicles. It has a special filtering system. While keeping dust in its body, it also easily provides healthy airflow. For this reason, vehicle filters should be changed periodically.

The filter, which has a certain lifespan, loses its functionality over time, even if cleaning methods are encountered using air or other methods. The compressed air used for cleaning prevents the filter from fulfilling its function. These methods are considered harmful. Air filters need to be changed.

How to change the air filter?

Air filters can be changed by the technical service during periodic oil changes and vehicle users can change the filter on their own. It is located under the engine hood of vehicles, in the special device on the fender.

The latches on the sides of the device open without the need for a key and the filter is removed from its place. If there is any dust residue inside the device, wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth. The new filter is put in place and the latches are turned to the closed position.


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