How to use DuckDuckGo: a more private search engine for any browser


DuckDuckGo can protect your privacy while searching the web. Here’s how to set it up.


internet search engine DuckDuck Go promises its users a seemingly dreamy private search experience, no ad trackers and smarter encryption for free. The 13-year-old company appears to be in a privileged position to respond to the growing desire for privacy of Internet users in the age of data breaches, breaches and scandals.

With over 50 million app downloads and a 55% increase in traffic, DuckDuckGo’s popularity has grown in the past year, according to a June report. report from The search engine gives users another option for their digital privacy arsenal, such as prompting Apple to turn off tracking, which 84% of Apple users chose since version iOS 14.5.

In addition to a private search engine, DuckDuckGo offers a privacy browser app for iOS and Android, as well as a Chrome extension. You can also go to and start your research there. Here’s how to use DuckDuckGo on your browser or mobile.

How do I get DuckDuckGo on my Android phone?

1. Open the Google Play Store app
2. Search for DuckDuckGo
3. Choose DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
4. Faucet To install
5. Faucet Open
6. DuckDuckGo will ask you if you want to set Google Chrome or DuckDuckGo as the default browser app. Choose the one you want and press Define by default.


When I visited the Old Navy site in my browser, this is what DuckDuckGo told me.

Screenshot by CNET

From there, DuckDuckGo will ask you to do a quick search as a tutorial. I searched for a clothing store that I frequent and DuckDuckGo immediately informed me that it had blocked two ad trackers. You can also see the rating DuckDuckGo gave to the website you visited, how many trackers were blocked, if the connection is encrypted, and what the site’s privacy practices are.

Tap the flame icon next to the search bar to clear all vulnerable personal data from your tabs. Tap Clear All Tabs & Data to “burn” your personal data.

How do I get DuckDuckGo on my iPhone?

1. Open the App Store
2. Search for DuckDuckGo
3. Choose DuckDuckGo privacy browser
4. Press To have
5. Enter your Apple ID password or confirm the download with Face ID or Touch ID.
5. Press Open
6. DuckDuckGo will ask you if you want to make DuckDuckGo your default browser. To choose Define by default Where To jump.

From there, DuckDuckGo will redirect you to your Settings app for any further changes and to see what the program will have access to. You can also choose your default browser app from Safari to DuckDuckGo here.

After configuring your settings the way you want, you can open the app and start searches. When I visited, DuckDuckGo reported that it had blocked almost 30 trackers. In addition, the application has provided a privacy notice for the site, as well as the ability to erase personal data from the browser with the fire icon.

DuckDuckGo and Siri

Under the DuckDuckGo tab in Settings, you can see what the program can do with Siri and your search requests. You can choose whether or not you want Siri to learn from your DuckDuckGo searches for suggestions, allow the DuckDuckGo app and its content to appear in search, as well as enable DuckDuckGo suggestions and content and shortcuts for it. app to appear in Search and Widgets. If you haven’t turned on Siri, that’s not something you need to worry about.

How to use the DuckDuckGo Chrome extension?

On the DuckDuckGo website, the option to add the private search engine to Chrome is a button located just below the search bar.

1. Open DuckDuckGo in a Google Chrome browser
2. Click the Add DuckDuckGo to Chrome button. This will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store.
3. Click the Add to Chrome button in the upper right corner.
4. DuckDuckGo will ask you if you want to add Privacy Essentials. This will give DuckDuckGo permission to fend off ad trackers and keep your searches private. If you agree, click Add extension.
5. You will be redirected to a page indicating that the extension was installed successfully. DuckDuckGo will also give you links to download the mobile privacy browser.
6. When you are ready, click Start Search and you will be taken to the main DuckDuckGo search bar.

Now when you open a new window or tab on Chrome, DuckDuckGo will appear instead of the Google search bar.

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