How OPPO’s Battery Health Engine extends the life of the Find X5 Pro while contributing to the future durability of lithium batteries

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DUBAIWATER, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the heart of our digital lives, smartphones can do just about anything these days. But due to the dependence we have on our beloved handsets and the power demand we need – including higher charging and discharging frequency – the lifespan of the battery has become essential for the performance of smartphones.

Not only is battery life a concern for smartphone users, but the issue of aging, unused, and discarded lithium batteries is also a growing concern when it comes to the future and sustainability. It is predicted that over the next eight years, global demand for lithium-ion batteries will grow elevenfold, reaching more than two terawatt hours by 2030. Demand comes from the rise of electric vehicles and small electronics such as Cellphones.

To let users have a simpler charging experience while improving society’s sustainability at the same time, OPPO has developed a number of battery innovations for its latest flagship handset and launched the Battery Health Engine on Find X5. Pro.

The Battery Health Engine is a system-level battery health optimization solution brought to life through three years of research and innovation. It is based on OPPO’s custom battery management chip and includes two key technologies: Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology.

Smart Battery Health Algorithm

The Smart Battery Health algorithm tracks the real-time electrical potential on the negative electrodes inside the battery. It can dynamically adjust the charging currency within a reasonable range, effectively minimizing the occurrence of dead lithium while maintaining the maximum charging current. This helps ensure longer battery life and faster charging speed.

The charging and discharging process can be simply thought of as the movement of lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes.

It is the potential of the negative electrode which is an important indicator to help mobile phones monitor current and voltage in real time. In other words, if the negative electrode potential can be monitored in real time, we can prevent the occurrence of dead lithium.

In order to obtain the negative electrode potential in real time, the OPPO Institute has been exploring potential solutions in its lab for three years. Based on a large amount of battery performance data, the team continuously corrected the accuracy of the battery model to develop the Smart Battery Health algorithm which can track the potential of the battery’s negative electrode by real time.

With the blessing of this technology, smartphones could be able to match reasonable charging current for different battery capacities, charging adapters, battery states and charging stages by accurately judging the negative electrode potential. From there, we can then maximize the maintenance of lithium-ion activity and extend battery life.

Battery healing technology

Along with a huge breakthrough in the algorithm, OPPO has also optimized the internal battery chemistry system in Find X5 Pro, applying a healing function through the use of Battery Healing Technology. By improving the electrolyte formula, the electrodes are continuously repaired during battery charge and discharge cycles, forming a more stable and durable film called the Solid Electrolyte Interface.

The battery healing technology helps the battery to continuously repair the SEI during the charging and discharging cycle, which makes the SEI more stable and durable in real time. It also reduces the damage inflicted on the electrodes due to charging and discharging, thereby improving battery performance and extending battery life.

In OPPO’s latest lab test results, we found that the Battery Health Engine is able to maintain a battery at 80% of its original capacity after up to 1,600 charge cycles. This effectively doubled battery life by today’s industry standards.

Since the Find X5 Pro’s battery life is double that of the industry standard, it can maximize battery protection while improving the way people use their handsets.

Achieve ultimate battery performance

It’s OPPO’s constant attention and development in battery technology that allows us to transform the charging experience of users and increase the power of smartphones.

As a leader in charging technology, OPPO knows that the future development of fast charging cannot only stop at high power – it must also take into account aspects such as security, portability, compatibility and battery life.

At OPPO, we are taking great strides towards upgrading the world of smartphone charging to completely revolutionize the user experience of smartphones while contributing to the future sustainability of lithium battery technologies.

About OPPO

Oppo is a leading global technology brand since 2004, dedicated to providing products that seamlessly combine art and innovative technology.

OPPO is on a mission to build a multi-access smart device ecosystem for the age of intelligent connectivity. Smartphones have simply been a gateway for OPPO to deliver a diverse portfolio of smart and advanced technologies in hardware, software and system. In 2019, OPPO launched a $7 billion American dollar threeannual R&D investment plan to develop core technologies supporting design through technology.

Oppo firmly pursues the creation of the best technology products and technology art for global users. Based on the elements of the leading brand, young and beautiful, OPPO is dedicated to the mission of enabling extraordinary users to enjoy the beauty of technology.

Over the past 10 years, OPPO has focused on smartphone manufacturing with unparalleled camera capabilities. OPPO launched the first mobile phone, the Smile Phone, in 2008, which marked the start of the brand’s epic journey in exploring and developing extraordinary technology. Over the years, OPPO has built a tradition of number one, which became a reality by inventing the first smartphone with rotating camera in 2013, launching the world’s thinnest smartphone in 2014, being the first to introduce ‘Periscope’ camera technology with 5X zoom and developing the first commercial 5G smartphone in Europe.

Today, OPPO has been ranked as the world’s fourth largest smartphone brand. OPPO brings the technology aesthetic to global consumers through the ColorOS system experience and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+.

OPPO’s business spans 40 countries with more than six research institutes and five R&D centers around the world, from San Francisco at Shenzhen. OPPO has also opened an International Design Center headquartered in Londonengine of cutting-edge technology that will shape the future not only for smartphones, but also for smart connectivity.


OPPO has started its journey in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in 2015 after setting up its regional office in Egypt. Following the immense success of the brand’s sales center in Cairo in the first year, OPPO accelerated its expansion plan in the MEA region and inaugurated its domestic operations in the United Arab Emirates in 2019. Now, OPPO has a physical presence in more than 13 markets in the region, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and the Levant.

To strengthen its presence in the region in line with its product localization strategy, OPPO has invested more in the MENA region and established its own factory in Algeria in 2017, becoming the first Chinese brand to build a manufacturing site in North Africa. Based on the knowledge of local consumers in each country, OPPO has evolved the progress of product localization, taking into account multiple perspectives for each market, including product localization, to better meet the basic needs of users. ; marketing localization, to better communicate with young local customers; and talent localization, to better understand local consumers and provide optimal customer service.

Over the past year, OPPO has begun to adjust its product lineup in the Middle East region specifically. This has included the launch of its flagship OPPO Find X series and the introduction of the OPPO Reno series. OPPO will continue to evolve its local product lineup to bring more premium series to consumers in the region.

A forward-thinking international technology company, OPPO strives to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world and has implemented positive change in every way possible by activating local community initiatives and humanitarian and charitable campaigns.

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