Hotel Engine launches new features aimed at providing the most flexible booking option on the market; Enable Leisure Travel



Innovative enhancements help customers cancel, extend and modify reservations with just a few clicks and without penalties

DENVER, CO, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With staffing shortages, travel delays and unexpected cancellations continuing to create travel uncertainty, hotel motor launches two new features to help members manage their hosting needs with more confidence and peace of mind.

The enhancements give Hotel Engine members the ability to cancel, extend or change their reservation in real time, the kind of flexibility that meets the ever-changing demands of today’s busy business travelers:

  • Hotel Engine Flex: A new cancellation insurance option that allows members to cancel a reservation up to noon local time on the day of arrival without penalty. Members may also be reimbursed for unused nights when shortening a trip, with no supporting reason required.

  • Self-service travel extensions: A new feature that allows Hotel Engine members to easily extend their hotel reservations on the Hotel Engine platform with just a few clicks.

“Our focus on meeting the unique needs of our members has always involved adapting to market conditions,” said Elia Wallen, Founder and CEO of Hotel Engine. “We will continue to innovate and add features that allow our members to radically simplify travel management.”

Introducing Personal Accounts for Bleisure Travel

Spurred by the rise of remote working and the rising cost of travel, studies have shown a noticeable increase and interest in combining business and leisure travel, known as bleisure travel, among travelers frequent business.

As part of this customer demand, Hotel Engine recently introduced the ability for members to create a separate personal account to use for non-business travel.

This addition makes it easy for members to turn business travel into personal travel, while taking advantage of Hotel Engine’s exclusive rates, features and world-class support. Members can also continue to earn loyalty points on their personal and business trips.

About Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is the world’s largest hospitality performance network, created to create a richer, more rewarding business travel experience by connecting a global network of hospitality companies and partners. The collective power of the network provides significant savings, convenience and choice for business travelers, while generating significant and differentiated business for accommodation partners. Hotel Engine is trusted by over 600,000 individual members at over 40,000 businesses and 700,000 hotels in over 185 countries.

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