Hinesville Fire Department gets a new fire truck


HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) – The Hinesville Fire Department now has a new fire truck. Department officials say this is their first custom engine.

This shiny red engine is the result of SPLOST funds, aka Special Local Option Sales Tax, and fire department members say it was long overdue.

The engine arrived at the department this week, and it is tailored to their specific needs, including the ability to make tighter turns and increased accessibility to medical equipment.

Training Officer Alex Mason says the engine design allows them to better navigate Hinesville’s traffic patterns.

“If you’re driving, when you enter a tight area, whether it’s emergent or not, you slow down to be safe around those corners. Being more confident in our drivers and knowing they have a vehicle that can handle those things , it may not cut minutes out of time, but seconds make minutes. If we can save seconds, it will help save minutes, and minutes will save lives.”

The engine replaces the one that just turned 20 years old. The next steps are to equip the engine with all the equipment it needs.

Mason says it will be a few more weeks before this engine is ready to hit the road.

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