GuideCX Launches Highly Anticipated Navigator Reporting Engine


Customer Onboarding Software’s expansive new dashboard tool delivers never-before-seen insights to guide operations and drive profitability.

GuideCX, the world’s best SaaS solution for customer onboarding and implementation, announced the introduction of a unique enterprise reporting enhancement designed to simplify project management and customer onboarding into their whole. For the first time ever, the software’s Navigator reporting engine will allow users to uncover the challenges and highlight the strengths of each integration project, reducing the critical distance between understanding and action.

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“The Navigator allows executives and managers to measure and optimize their integration and implementation, including renewals and resulting referrals, from end to end. “

Six new dashboards give GuideCX users the ability to easily identify important and often overlooked components of every project, from planning and revenue to critical tasks due. Never available before, an advanced forecasting algorithm runs in the background and provides detailed analysis of which customers are likely to complete their onboarding late and which are likely to complete their onboarding sooner. In addition, the incomes that have been integrated successfully as well as what is overdue or on hold for each are carefully described. Automated reports are generated for managers and leaders, thus avoiding days of the dreaded task of putting imperfect data together in spreadsheets and emails.

“If you’re leading an integration team, this is the data you need to see,” said Harris Clarke, COO at GuideCX. “The goal of these reports is to close the gap between understanding and doing, helping you not only see what needs your attention, but also act quickly on it. Now with GuideCX, you not only have a tool specifically designed for onboarding your new customers, but you also have standard metrics and forecasts, allowing you to create a better experience for your customers and internal teams.

The Navigator report engine offers a variety of filters, including sorting projects by integration project plan or product offering, as well as established tags for region and country to analyze individual health and trends. . Meanwhile, project managers can compare and contrast their most successful integrations to prepare for future success. Plus, a scheduled report delivery ensures that all team members, both inside and outside the software, have everything they need to know about the health of a project.

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