“In a year marked by so much uncertainty, I couldn’t be prouder that Grokker has been named a Great Place to Work for the third year in a row,” says Lorna Borenstein, CEO and founder of Grokker. “It proves that when you deliver a culture of caring, your employees will stick around, champion your brand and, most importantly, take care of your customers.”

Grokker employee satisfaction translates to Grokker customer satisfaction, with Grokker posting a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71 this year. This score is 238% higher than the healthcare industry average, reflecting the company’s high customer satisfaction and extraordinary brand loyalty.

Grokker offers personalized and guided experiences to its customers. For example, Wellbeing Minutes measure actual commitment to wellbeing and encourage self-care, so individuals can feel more balanced and engaged in both their personal lives and their work. Grokker enterprise customers generated more than 30 million feel-good minutes in Q3 2021, doubling the amount earned in Q3 2020.

On Grokker, individuals can earn Wellness Minutes by watching videos, syncing trackers for off-platform activities (eg, taking a 30-minute bike ride), and self-reporting activities. Wellness Minutes are inclusive, so if people can’t participate in the steps, it allows them to participate in other ways, helping propel them towards their personal goals. These small steps add up to healthier results with continued practice.

About Grokker
Founded in 2012, Grokker offers the Fortune 1000 a simpler, more effective way to increase employee retention through wellness. Grokker’s unique employee engagement engine creates a guided wellness experience for every person. Grokker personalizes content, challenges, experts, incentives, and community support to encourage people to reach their goals and motivate them along the way. With Grokker, employees feel valued and connected for a culture that drives better business results.

Supporting millions of employees in over 135 countries on any device, industry leaders including Boston Children’s Hospital, CVS Health, Delta Air Lines, Dominos, eBay, GE, MGM Resorts , Pfizer and Target trust Grokker to deliver actionable insights and maintain employee information. private and secure. Whether your business has an existing platform or is starting from scratch, Grokker is turnkey, saving you time and money. For more information, visit

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