Government of the “engine of the problems”: Tejashwi denounces the JD (U) -NDA coalition on the report of Niti Aayog


Written by Shankhyaneel Sarkar | Edited by Poulomi Ghosh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Opposition leader in Bihar’s legislature Tejashwi Yadav on Monday called the combined Janata Dal (Uni) -Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government “the engine of unrest”, attacking the often-used expression of the BJP “twin-engine government”. He alleged that the government has failed on all fronts.

“Where is Bihar in the Niti Aayog report?” He is in the first position from the bottom. Whenever the CM is asked about this, he expresses his ignorance. This shows that the government of Bihar is not serious about meeting the basic needs of the people. This is not a “twin engine” government but a “problem engine” in Bihar, “Yadav said.

Yadav’s criticism of the government comes after a report by Niti Aayog showed Bihar to be the poorest state.

“The Niti Aayog report shows the government of Bihar as a failure on almost all indicators. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar heads a corrupt government. There is corruption from top to bottom. Bihar is the first country to be unemployed, the education system has been completely destroyed and the state’s health infrastructure is in ruins, ”Yadav said, quoted by the PTI news agency. He said resentment was brewing among the citizens of Bihar over the government’s alleged failures to stem “rampant corruption”.

The recently released National Multidimensional Poverty Index report by Niti Aayog indicates that 51.91% of Bihar’s population is poor.

Yadav also said that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) found that there were “glaring financial discrepancies” in various departments of the government of Bihar as well as “irregularities and unnecessary spending”. He said Rashtriya Janata Dal decided to hand over a copy of the NITI Aayog and CAG reports to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He said the motive behind the split is because the chief minister is not “up to date” with recent developments.

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