Google: Underage Teens May Remove A Photo Of Themselves From Search Engine Results For Security And Privacy Reasons


Google allows minors under the age of 18 to delete photos of themselves online, especially from search engine results, as part of its commitment to security and privacy. Everyone has done a Google search at some point in their life when they first learned to use the Internet, and if that surprises some, others see it as a security risk.

Google search results: minors can delete photos of themselves

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Google announced that it is now launching a feature that will help miners delete search engine results of themselves in the face of the Internet. This would help prevent unknown people from randomly or targeted searching of their personal data online for safer internet use.

The research company said contacting and coordinating with them can help do this, and some steps are needed to do this. Delete personal information, online data and photos will only remove them from Google search, but not necessarily from the host website they came from.

Doing the latter is a more important task, and that would require being in contact with the webmaster.

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Google privacy and security

Google search engine results for minors

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Google has engaged itself to give young people a chance to have a safer online experience, and this because of the growing population of children and all members of the minority age group using the internet.

This move would help make the Internet a better place, a safer space for anyone to use and not to be exploited.

Isn’t Google sure?

Google has been one of the faces of the Internet and quite frankly one of the most popular search engines in the world for several years now. That being said, no one can guarantee much of their security, especially since they experience multiple breaches and attacks, such as zero-day issues, which are detected by the company or by contributors to the cause. .

Of course, the internet company is trying to solve these problems by reworking its systems and upgrading them for users, but it can only do enough among the many threat actors around the world. Sometimes the security hole in Google is the presence of fake information itself and possibly a risk to people who use the internet for research and more.

That being said, Google allowing minors to opt out of the internet is a massive security feature that almost anyone can use. And that’s because it’s only intended for those under the age of 18. It can also apply to any person, but this feature is not that massive yet.

Nevertheless, it is already a giant leap for Google to use this security advantage after all these years.

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