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Google has been so firmly embedded in the software of our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. Countless times we grab our screens to ‘Googling’ something.

Originally developed as a prototype in the dorms of computer scientists Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Scott Hassan in 1998, Google has grown into the world’s most viewed website, handling 3.5 billion searches per day and a share of 92 % of the world market. search engine market. The company launched Google News in 2002, Gmail in 2004, Google Maps in 2005, Google Chrome in 2008, and Google Voice assistant in 2016.

On the occasion of Google’s 23rd anniversary, let’s tell about Google features that have revolutionized the world:

Google Maps: Launched in 2006, Google Maps has revolutionized travel around the world. Getting lost, asking for direction no longer applies. With Google Maps, people are free to travel alone, with faraway destinations just a click away.

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Not only does it guide the way, but it shows the suggested time to reach different modes of travel, takes into account traffic and traffic jams to help commuters in any way possible for free. He made everyone a hyperlocal expert knowing the nearest gas pumps, cafes and grocery stores. Think about the vast possibilities that Google Maps offers with radio taxi services such as Uber and Ola running on maps. In addition, tourism applications like Airbnb or WhatsApp location sharing, all are possible thanks to Google maps.

Google Pay: On January 8, 2018, the old Android Pay and Google Wallet merged into a single payment system called Google Pay. Directly linked to your bank account, google pay has become the only platform to pay the neighboring tea seller, to direct the bank transfer to a distant relative. It offers direct rewards, allows online shopping with secure payment at your fingertips.

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Google Forms: Google Forms have made search easier for academics around the world. Who knew polls could be done from home, as Google allowed us to create quizzes with multiple types of questions, listing the results in sheets and analyzing them for our convenience. In addition, quizzes and practical sheets can be made possible using google forms. It also has wide application in collecting multiple data entries.

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Google voice assistant: The Google voice assistant launched in 2016 conveyed information with a simple command. It has gained wide acceptance, not only on its own hardware, but also through partnerships with other companies related to Google Assistant in a wide range of devices such as refrigerators and headphones, speakers, and cars. .

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Google voice assistant is able to provide interactive solutions: control your devices and smart home, access your calendars and other personal information, find information online, from restaurant reservations to driving directions to weather and news, make appointments and send messages, read your notifications and provide real-time voice translations.

Google classroom: After the pandemic, Google also took over the physical study classroom, with classes taking place on the web. Google Classroom allows teachers to upload study materials, create assignments while students can submit them within a limited time frame. Classes could take place through his connected Google Meet.

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Google Business List: Google allows young business owners to expand their reach through the Google Business Listing. Owners can post photos, add descriptions on what makes their business unique to attract more traffic. In addition, Google my business account comes with built-in features such as analytics, reflecting peak times, the best content. These tools are used by small and large businesses.

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