Google Cloud Introduces Blockchain Node Engine for Web3 Development



Google Cloud recently announced the private preview of Blockchain Node Engine, a managed node hosting option for Web3 development. Ethereum will be the first supported blockchain.

Designed to help Web3 developers build and deploy on blockchain-based platforms, the new managed service monitors nodes and restarts them during outages. Amit ZaveryManaging Director/Vice President of Engineering at Google, and James TromanDirector of Cloud Web3 at Google, explains:

While self-managed nodes are often difficult to deploy and require constant management, Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node hosting service that can minimize the need for node operations. Web3 businesses that need dedicated nodes can relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read or write blockchain data with the reliability, performance, and security they expect from Google’s compute and network infrastructure. Cloud.

According to the cloud provider, the main advantages for Web3 Organizations will be streamlined provisioning, managed operations, and secure development, including placing nodes behind a Virtual Private Cloud Firewall and integrating with cloud armor as protection against DDoS attacks. Zavery and Tromans add:

Today, manually deploying a node is a time-consuming process that involves provisioning a compute instance, installing an Ethereum client (e.g. geth), and waiting for the node to synchronize with the network. Syncing a full node from the first block (i.e. genesis) can take several days. Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine can speed up and simplify this process by allowing developers to deploy a new node in a single operation.

Preview of node hosting service on Google Cloud sparked popular debates on Twitter and Redditwith some users excited about the new option and others examination whether cloud providers deliver on their promise of decentralization. User lazy_physician strong points how ad can help distribute nodes among different providers:

You know how people say a disturbing amount of Ethereum nodes are running in AWS? You can now do the same in Google Cloud. Basically, Google just streamlined provisioning a node that you can run a validator on. Definitely a centralizing force, but generally more options are better.

Earlier this year, Google announced the Digital Assets Team to help customers build, transact, and deploy on blockchain-based platforms. Solana and Dapper Labs are among the Web3 companies already running on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud isn’t the only vendor working on managed blockchain options: AWS offers Blockchain managed by Amazona service for joining public networks or managing private networks using Hyperledger Cloth Where Ethereum. Microsoft recently retired Azure Blockchain Service and Azure Blockchain Workshop. User Aus IV comments:

If you’re running an application that needs scalability and reliability, it’s better to use an RPC gateway than a managed node. If you’re trying to support the network by running a node, managed services are definitely not the way to go. The network has a problem with the percentage of nodes running in a small handful of service providers.

A form is available join the private preview of the Blockchain Node Engine.

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