“Global Fleet Marketplace: the RFI tool and the search engine that will improve your business”


Some days are bigger than others. Today is one of them, because today we are launching Global fleet market. It is a unique RFI tool and search engine that will help fleet and mobility customers find their ideal supplier. “It will radically improve the way they do business,” says Caroline Thonnon, CEO of Nexus Communication, publisher of Global Fleet and Fleet Europe.

Caroline, why did you launch the Global Fleet Marketplace? Caroline Thonnon, CEO: “Any successful fleet and mobility initiative starts with a good RFI (Request for Information, Editor’s note) But as any fleet and mobility customer knows, finding the right supplier is a bit like looking for a book in a library with lights off. A “manual” RFI takes a lot of time and effort, and even if you find a solution: who can say that there is no better solution for your needs around the corner? “

“That’s why at Nexus Communication, as a trusted source of industry information, we receive so many inquiries from fleet decision makers around the world to help them identify the right suppliers. We can now offer them a tool that meets their needs: Global Fleet Marketplace. “
“This is a very timely solution, because right now the Fleet & Mobility ecosystem is evolving rapidly, with new suppliers offering new products and services all the time. Just think of the trend towards electrification, or mobility as a service, new financial and business models… Global Fleet Marketplace will help fleet and mobility customers identify who does what and where.

Fair, fast and transparent
Here’s what Global Fleet Marketplace does:

  • for fleet and mobility customers:
    • Global Fleet Marketplace allows them to find and explore products and services offered specifically to their industry, locally, regionally and globally. And they can compare offers and contact suppliers.
    • They have all the major suppliers at their fingertips, speed up their tendering process, and find the right partner through a fair, fast and transparent process.
  • for fleet and mobility providers:
    • Global Fleet Marketplace enables them to gain visibility into the quality and reach of their products and services, reaching out to the exact segment of industry customers they wish to target.
    • They present their solutions to the largest fleets, increase their chances of being on the shortlist for tenders and advancing to the final round.

Customers can search by business name, type of activity and location. It is important to note that the tool is free to use. At present, more than 270 suppliers have joined Global Fleet Marketplace – an impressive number, which is increasing every day. Over time, Global Fleet Marketplace will become the go-to online platform for fleet and mobility customers looking for the right products and services for their business.

Is the use and membership of the Global Fleet Marketplace free? Caroline: “Yes, its use is free for fleet and mobility customers. We encourage as many vendors as possible to join the platform. Being a member is also free for all suppliers in our ecosystem!

Can you tell us a little more about how you developed the Global Fleet Marketplace? Caroline: “We have developed Global Fleet Marketplace in collaboration with different focus groups, various customers and suppliers, to meet their needs. Development was guided by their recommendations. So, without exaggerating, I can say: Global Fleet Marketplace was developed by the industry, for the industry. So not just by customers, but also by suppliers. This is why Global Fleet Marketplace is a particularly useful lead generation tool for suppliers.

What does the future of Global Fleet Marketplace look like? Caroline: “There is a lot more to come! Global Fleet Marketplace has the ambition to become the one stop shop for the entire ecosystem of the fleet, automotive and mobility industries. In a few weeks, we’ll also be launching the Search by Objective feature. This will allow users to find, compare and connect with suppliers who can help them achieve a strategic goal, such as electrifying their fleet or increasing the safety of their fleet.

Thanks Caroline! Of course, at Nexus we think the Global Fleet Marketplace is great. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some industry voices on the new tool:

“Innovative and easy to use! Marketplace is very useful to know all the available services and to be able to filter them. I plan to use it regularly! “, Rodrigo Monroy, Sourcing Manager – US Corporate Spend at Novartis

“Once again, Nexus Communication is proving to be an organization that understands the needs of our industry and provides solutions and spaces for collaboration for our common business benefits,” Sebastian Fuchs, Managing Director Manheim and RMS Automotive Continental Europe at Cox Automotive Europe

“Replacing part of the data in a standard RFI will not only improve the efficiency of our customers and prospects, but also of us, the suppliers. In our world, where flexibility and mobility are key words, Marketplace is an excellent tool for discovering new suppliers and new products and services. The marketplace can support our business development and allow customers to contact us directly. Good game!”, Vinzenz Pflanz, President of Corporate Sales at Sixt

So let’s get started – check out Global fleet market… today!

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