Gastops expands support for engine test cell research and development by supplying MetalSCAN to Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH


OTTAWA (ON), March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gastops is supporting Virtual Vehicle’s latest research and development initiative for high-performance engine test beds, providing custom solutions for hydrocarbon debris monitoring with MetalSCAN.

MetalSCAN provides customers with running engine and gearbox test cells with essential condition monitoring technology, enabling the evaluation and testing of components and systems to measure the health and performance of the engine in real time. equipment and predict the remaining useful life (RUL) of critical components.

MetalSCAN provides real-time equipment monitoring by offering an in-line, unobstructed, full-flow wear debris detection system. Design features, coupled with the ability to detect equipment failure early, allow customers to manage and optimize their test program, perform root cause analysis, and minimize costs by limiting damage to critical components.

Says the dr. Hannes Allmaier, PhD, Dipl.-Ing. Team Leader Tribology and Efficiency Group at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, “MetalSCAN is proving to be an essential tool in our engine testing operations by detecting the initial onset and monitoring the progression of component damage. The indications allow us to manage engine operating characteristics, maximize testing and prevent secondary component damage By limiting damage, we are able to complete root cause analysis investigations.

To learn more about MetalSCAN, please visit MetalSCAN – Gastops at:
MetalSCAN – Gastops Ltd.

About searching for virtual vehicles
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH is Europe largest R&D center for virtual vehicle technology with 300 employees. The research priority is the linking of numerical simulations and hardware tests, which leads to powerful HW-SW complete system design and automation of test and validation procedures. Following this focus on industry-related research, VIRTUAL VEHICLE is the innovation catalyst for future vehicle technologies.

About Gastops
Gastops is the world’s leading provider of intelligent condition monitoring solutions for aerospace, defense, energy and industrial applications to optimize the availability, performance and safety of critical assets. We provide peace of mind to our customers with innovative online monitoring sensors, online analysis, complex modeling and simulation, world-class lab testing, engineering, design and MRO services. that predict performance to enable proactive operating decisions. Gastops has been providing powerful information on the condition of critical equipment since 1979.


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