Formula 1 | Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc slapped huge penalty after constant engine failures


Ferrari has steered away from the championship with constant powertrain failures and are set to suffer a big penalty at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ferrari engineers check Charles Leclerc’s car. (Courtesy of Reuters)


  • Both Ferraris ruled out for Azerbaijan GP
  • Ferrari has had several car breakdowns this season
  • Ferrari had started very well this season

Italian automakers Ferrari risk a ten-place grid penalty if they fail to repair Charles Leclerc’s engine which was shut down during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. With the Canadian GP knocking on the door, it is highly likely that Ferrari will not be able to fix the engine problem and in case they use a new one, they will have to go down on the grid.

In a statement after the Baku race where both their cars failed to finish the race, Ferrari admitted that Charles Leclerc’s power unit had been damaged beyond repair and that the problem may have been related to a problem that predated the Spanish Grand Prix.

A Ferrari spokesperson revealed ahead of the race weekend in Montreal that Ferrari was preparing countermeasures to strengthen the package.

“One of the possible causes for the failure is that it happened as a result of the PU problem in Spain,” Ferrari’s statement read.

“We are now working on countermeasures to strengthen the package and the situation is under control,” the spokesperson revealed.

Charles Leclerc started the season at a blistering pace but was forced to relinquish the lead to Red Bull after repeated car failures.

He has retired from two of the last three races with powertrain issues, despite starting the last four from pole position.

“Obviously we’re not in the best possible situation,” he said. “For the power unit change, I think there are still discussions going on.”

“We will try to push the decision as much as possible, so at the moment no decision is made.”

Leclerc argued that Canada was not a bad place to take a penalty, given the high-speed nature of the track which leaves plenty of space to overtake.

“We will discuss it and try to make the best decision from there,” he added.

Leclerc has so far used two of its three allocated engines but was on its third turbocharger. Using a fourth turbocharger would trigger an automatic 10-place grid penalty regardless of where he qualified on Saturday.

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