Former Tesco Senior Executive John Burry Joins Shelf Engine to Lead Strategy and New Partnerships


Burry’s distinguished career spans more than two decades at Tesco PLC, the UK’s largest retailer. There he held various management positions both in the UK and overseas, including that of Client Manager and Commercial Director. Burry’s extensive operational experience gives him a unique perspective on food retailing, particularly partnerships with retailers and suppliers, the role of innovation and the complexities of short-shelf-life supply chains. . His impact is evident in his role in forming Tesco’s widely admired chilled food business and his involvement as an advisor and investor in a wide range of CPG and technology companies. His commitment to reinventing the role that technology can play in solving the lingering challenges in grocery retailing – challenges that he has personally faced throughout his tenure at Tesco – positions him perfectly to advance the mission. Shelf Engine to reduce food waste through automation.

“I know the problem very well,” said Burry. “I have spent much of my career at Tesco working to balance the competing pressures of assortment, availability, sales and waste in perishable categories. This drew my attention to the approach of Shelf Engine is its willingness and ability to align incentives with its retail partners by providing collateral to cover the cost of food waste. This represents a step function change for the industry that will be incredibly valuable to retailers. “

“This couldn’t be a better time to welcome John to the Shelf Engine team, and for him to apply his wealth of experience and knowledge to multiply the impact we have had to date,” said the CEO of Shelf Engine. Stefan Kalb. “When you have the opportunity to work alongside someone who has helped revolutionize an industry, championed the use of technology in innovative ways, and led expansion to new frontiers, you jump at that chance. . We are honored that John has joined us. “

Shelf Engine’s automated ordering and forecasting technology applies AI and machine learning to deliver the ideal order of perishables. Retail customers experience a drastic reduction in food waste while achieving an average gross margin increase in dollars of over 15%. Since its inception in 2016, Shelf Engine has helped retailers divert more than one million pounds of food waste from landfills. Shelf Engine’s solution, currently operated nationwide with retailers and foodservice companies like Kroger, Whole Foods Market and Compass Group, provides peace of mind to retailers and suppliers with a guaranteed sale. By covering the cost of food waste, Shelf Engine eliminates inventory risk for its retail customers in a way that no licensed software solution can match.

“I am very impressed with how the Shelf Engine team was able to rethink the problem of food waste in retail grocery stores and deliver such meaningful results so quickly,” said Burry. “They combine cutting edge machine learning techniques with close partnerships with suppliers and retailers to achieve very real benefits. Food waste is a huge and complex challenge that we need to tackle with new solutions, greater collaboration across supply chains and the best available technology. I I am really looking forward to participating in this task here at Shelf Engine. “

About the shelf motor
Shelf Engine plans and orders highly perishable foods for large-scale grocers. Using AI, the Shelf Engine platform predicts consumer demand with great accuracy and automates ordering for every SKU, every day, in every store. Shelf Engine simplifies grocery operations by automating purchase orders sent to suppliers and distributors, paying them directly for the products they deliver, and only charging retailers for what they sell. Shelf Engine’s performance-based model reduces labor requirements, eliminates inventory risk, and ensures profit expansion from day one. Launched in 2016, SeattleShelf Engine has over 200 employees and manages orders from major retailers in thousands of locations nationwide.

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