Firefighters rescue kitten who slammed into car engine


On the morning of April 27, an Opelika driver heard a faint meow coming from her Dodge on the 400 block of Geneva Street and immediately called the Opelika Fire Department.

Fire Department Investigator Bob Parsons and his team investigated the scene further to discover that the curious kitten had climbed into the engine compartment of the car! The fire crew safely rescued the several-week-old baby from the vehicle.

Firefighter Nicholas Constan is seen here holding the fur baby.

Luckily, the kitty was perfectly fine thanks to the hard work of the Lee County Humane Society and the Opelika Fire Department.

This little girl quickly found her forever home!

“The good people at the Lee County Humane Society took care of her and today she found a forever home! Opelika fire shared a message on Facebook.

The mission of the Lee County Humane Society is to advance the humane treatment and responsible ownership of companion animals through community education, the fostering and adoption of animals, and the alleviation of the suffering of pets. animals. They envision a future in which animals are valued, animal overpopulation is eliminated, and every adoptable pet has a loving, responsible home.

You can donate to the Lee County Humane Society here to help them care for the 3,000 homeless animals that come through their doors each year and find more loving homes for abandoned animals.

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