Extreme: Check engine warning light for people


So I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, widely known as the automotive capital of the world. A modern car is an amazing thing. And I’m not even talking about driverless cars or what’s to come in the future. I’m talking about what’s on the road right now. Cars today are already digitally improved. Over the past few decades, new technologies in vehicles have included devices that use incredible sensor capabilities. These devices can record hundreds of readings per second, signaling warning signs like service engine soon light. We do this for cars, but my question is, why don’t we do the same for people? Why don’t we have a check engine warning light for all of us?

The same technology we are currently using to deal with a bump in the road could be used to monitor your current health. With modern phones, watches, wearable devices… we have incredible abilities to monitor our own health. Imagine a world where your health data is constantly monitored and sent to your doctor. This way, your healthcare provider could have your current health data at their fingertips. 24 hours a day. Your data could notify your doctor if anything has changed that would warrant your personal service appointment. This is just one of the ways the Extreme Networks CTO’s office sees technology working to keep us healthier for years to come.


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