Ex-Bloober Director Hints at New Unreal Engine 5 Horror Game



Former Bloober team manager Artur Łączkowski hinted at an all-new horror experience that is set to be built “using advanced technology powered by Unreal Engine 5”. The project would feature “big names and a budget” with more information to be revealed at a later date.

Artur Łączkowski, made the decision to leave Bloober Team in March 2022 citing in a Tweeter his father’s health, wanting to help friends in Ukraine and wanting to change direction after hitting “a wall creatively” and in his career. Despite leaving Bloober Team, he noted at the time that he wasn’t “done with games, I just need a break from everything.” He continued, “I love designing, directing, building worlds and creating amazing experiences. To that end, I have big plans for the future, but right now I need to focus on what matters most.

It’s fair to say that his recent post is what he was referring to in March. Although not much is known about the upcoming project, many took to Twitter to welcome the news with a commentator saying “DANG! This looks awesome and some good news to go along with it too! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!”

Łączkowski confirmed in a comment to a user that the title will feature shooting mechanics saying “Of course there are shots.” Whether it’s isometric, first-person, or third-person is still entirely anyone’s guess. Following up on this in another answer Łączkowski noted that “This game will push a boundary that many developers would be afraid to push. That being said, this project won’t be for everyone, so I understand your position.

When asked at what frame rate the game could run Laczkowski replied “We don’t know yet, but I bet we’ll have a few modes for people who prefer the smooth frame rate mode at 60fps and augmented visuals with 4K and 30fps. I’m just speculating, but that’s is my goal.

Despite these few clues from Łączkowski, we still know very little about the upcoming project currently. Given the relative critical success of The way many reviewers seem optimistic despite the early stage this project seems to be in and the divisive user score for The way.

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