eTransX HEMI Clinical Integration Engine Supports 500% Growth of Customer’s Lab Business


NorthWest Labs chose eTransX as their trusted technology partner, turning a downturn into an opportunity for explosive growth throughout the COVID pandemic

If a lab isn’t making money, it’s because they don’t understand the technology. Thanks to eTransX, we are able to acquire a lot of business that we would never have had. »

—Alvin Konja

BRENTWOOD, TN, USA, Aug. 16, 2022 / — NorthWest Labs (NW Labs) opened its doors just over 6 years ago, focusing on providing the best in state-of-the-art toxicology testing. Alvin Konja, Managing Partner at NW Labs, explained, “Once word about our quality and attention to detail got out, things took off.” This represented a new challenge for NW Labs: establishing direct connections to the EHR systems of their new customers.

“Being able to quickly and reliably connect with new customers is #1 in growing our business. Early on, I called our LIS provider and asked how long it would take to interface with a new customer. When they told me how long it would take them to do this for me, I was shocked. This was not going to work! That’s when I discovered eTransX. The eTransX team was able to establish connections in a fraction of the time, managing the entire process end-to-end and allowing the NW Labs team to focus on what they do best. Alvin continues, “eTransX has become our trusted technology partner. If a lab isn’t making money, it’s because they don’t understand the technology. Thanks to eTransX, we are able to acquire a lot of business that we would never have had. »

All was going well for North West Labs, with steady growth and expanding testing options. And then COVID-19 hit. “Our volume of toxicology tests immediately fell to zero. It was terrifying. Alvin shared. “But we saw what was happening and immediately got COVID testing instruments, and eventually became the largest COVID testing lab in Michigan. Because eTransX could quickly connect us with clinics, hospitals, county health departments, and state reporting portals, we grew from 90 to 500 accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but as things started to get back to normal and our volume of toxicity screens started to come back, we also took over all of the lab operations from those hundreds of new customers that we gained through to our rapid COVID tests and reports.

“It’s great to work with the eTransX team,” said Alvin. “They’re very capable and there’s very little they can’t do. I can make weird requests and they jump on it. COVID is a prime example. For the first time, we had to interface with local and state government tracking portals to automate daily reporting and track cases. But working with eTransX, everything was transparent. It was key to being able to get ahead of the peloton and have the explosive growth that we have seen.

Growing a business more than 500% in two years is quite the feat, but NW Labs doesn’t stop there, says Alvin. “We’re adding a lot of new test menus over the next few months, and we’ll soon be a full-fledged lab. We want to provide the most reliable results, as quickly as possible. Our goal is to be the biggest and best lab in the Midwest. There are so many opportunities to work with the guys at eTransX. They are always there for us. Other companies try to come after my business and I don’t care about them. eTransX are my guys!

About eTransX – eTransX is a driven and diverse team of innovators, experts and problem solvers who have been finding innovative solutions to complex problems since 1999. Our goal is to continuously find and implement creative technological solutions to provide better care and improve outcomes for individuals and communities.

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