Engine trouble hampered Jack Miller’s qualifying performance…but didn’t take away race confidence



Jack Miller will start from seventh place in the MotoGP of Thailand, but the result could have been different… if his Ducati engine hadn’t given him away as he was on his way to his second set of qualifying rounds at Buriram .

The Australian specified that the propeller had a malfunction which prevented him from doing the timed lap, which disappointed him somewhat: “We had a problem with the engine on the second outing. I left the last sector about to begin the turn. No problem. I didn’t turn around on the second exit. It was a little disappointing, but I can’t help it. It is better that it happens today than tomorrow”.

According to Miller, this misadventure is not something that worries him too much: “It’ll be fixed when they take the engine out and put the other one in. It’s as simple as that.”

On the other hand, the #43 said she was satisfied with the pace displayed during the fourth free practice, confident for the race: “In FP4 the pace was good, I did a series of 18 laps and I felt quite satisfied on the bike, and as I said the pace was very strong. I feel quite good. seventh place will complicate our work again, but I think we can do a good job tomorrow”.

Later, Miller reinforced his good feelings with FP4: “I did 18 laps consistently, I still rode 1m31 at the end of the lap sequence. I felt good, I was one of the fastest on the track, I think I finished the session in second position. I made that time on lap nine and was able to more or less keep that pace and liked the streak. […]. I think it was a reasonable shoot, we collected enough data to understand the break, understand the mapping, what we need to do there. I think we can find a bit more rhythm for tomorrow, that’s for sure”.

When asked if overtaking could be a challenge, the Ducati rider said: I don’t think, it didn’t go very well here. From my experience today with other riders, it’s not too bad to overtake. I think we can manage to overtake and a good start will certainly help. But there are a few Ducatis in front of me, with the same system, so as long as we have good timing, we should be fine.

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