Engine room of the PNG Election Coordination Center for the NGE 2022 substation


The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission coordination center will be the engine room for the 2022 national general election.

Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Simon Sinai made the remarks during the launch of the Center on Friday, July 1, 2022, adding that the objective of the Center is to collect and collate information from the provinces during the polling and counting, monitoring electoral operations, managing the Internet and filtering information. to relevant stakeholders.

Caption: Electoral Commissioner Mr. Simon Sinai at the launch of the Coordination Centre.

He also acknowledged the work of the Joint Security Task Force during this election period, as safety and security is an important pillar of any election.

Mr. Sinai also appointed a former chief executive of the Prime Minister’s Office, Simon Cholai, as head of the Center.

“The Coordination Center will go live during this election operation providing election updates and progress.

“It will be a focal point for communication and coordination during the election, where updates from the 96 open electorates in the 22 provinces will be collated and analyzed before my leadership team can manage and coordinate the conduct of the elections.” , said Sinai. .

He urged all citizens to respect each other during this voting period.


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