ENGINE: Americas Bunker Fuel Availability Prospects



North America

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is normal in the Houston area and off the US Gulf Coast, but may be limited for very fast dates (0-3 days) in Houston. The first delivery dates with a supplier are approximately five days.

Bunker fuel availability is normal on Bolivar routes. Recommended delivery times for VLSFO and LSMGO are approximately 4-5 days.

Bad weather disrupted bunker deliveries to the Galveston Offshore Relief Area (GOLA) this week. Some suppliers are trying to deliver rods as time permits, but have mostly halted deliveries otherwise, sources say. The weather is expected to remain difficult throughout the weekend at GOLA.

The availability of VLSFO and LSMGO is limited to the Davant anchorage in Louisiana. Some suppliers are reluctant to confirm delivery dates due to limited availability. A supplier can supply both grades from November 27.

The rapid availability of VLSFO is limited to San Francisco. A supplier is out of VLSFO stock but can handle smaller rod sizes. LSMGO availability is slightly better.

All grades remain tight for specific dates in the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles on the West Coast of the United States. A longer lead time of at least 10 days is generally recommended to ensure full coverage from all providers. Securing HSFO can be tricky for both lead times and later dates, as quality is offered by fewer suppliers.

Bunker availability remains stable for all fuel qualities at Manzanillo in Mexico. The recommended timeframes for HSFO, VLSFO and LSMGO are around five days, while fast stems can be supported, sources say.

Caribbean and Latin America

All notes are tight for specific dates in Balboa and Cristobal in Panama. Several suppliers in both ports are reluctant to confirm delivery dates for VLSFO and LSMGO due to limited product availability and busy schedules.

HSFO deliveries can be even trickier to secure in Balboa and Cristobal. The first delivery date with a supplier in Balboa extends to early next month, sources say. Others are full for the remaining days of November.

Bunker demand has been roughly stable at Colombian ports so far in November, according to a trader. A supplier can provide VLSFO and LSMGO for specific dates in Cartagena and Santa Marta. Another requires at least three days of delay.

Rapid VLSFO supply is tight in Montevideo, Uruguay and some suppliers are reluctant to confirm delivery dates due to tight schedules and barge availability. Sources say VLSFO availability could tighten further amid low supply from local refiners. LSMGO is more readily available.

VLSFO and LSMGO are in normal availability at the Zona Comun anchorage in Argentina. Recommended delivery times are approximately 5-6 days.
Source: ENGINE, by Nithin Chandran (https://engine.online/)

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