Dual-powered government treats 25 million people like family, says Yogi


LUCKNOW Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched a scathing attack on opposition leader Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday, saying he should not create obstacles if he cannot cooperate in the development of Uttar Pradesh.

He said the Leader of the Opposition should speak the truth and check the facts to make sure people don’t lose faith. “If people lose faith, it would be dangerous for democracy,” Adityanath said.

The CM was responding to a motion to adjourn that opposition leader Akhilesh Yadav tabled shortly after question time in the state assembly, citing “the poor conditions in the health sector of the State”.

Speaking on the admissibility of his adjournment motion, Akhilesh Yadav targeted “dual engine government” (a term BJP leaders use to refer to party government in the state and center) and said that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) had sent a notice to the state government for denying treatment to a child brought from Sitapur to Lucknow.

Adityanath said the dual engine government was working for the welfare of 25 million people and treating them as one family without dividing them on the basis of caste or religion. “The UP had the government of the Samajwadi party four times. I don’t think anyone in the state’s population of 25 crore sees the SP in the right perspective except those who are politically obliged,” the CM said.

“The Fourth and Fifth National Family Health Surveys have seen improvements in the state on various fronts in the health sector,” he added.

The CM enumerated the efforts of the dual-engine government that worked for the people, saying, “The Leader of the Opposition spoke about Gorakhpur. This season (July to November) sent shivers down people’s spines due to encephalitis. About 1200 to 1500 deaths were reported in Gorakhpur every year during this period. There were 500 deaths each year at BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. These numbers do not include those who failed to reach hospitals. It is thanks to the joint efforts of the dual engine government that the death toll from encephalitis is now zero…Now out of 40 cases of encephalitis in Gorakhpur, 33 are of acute encephalitis syndrome. The remaining cases are Japanese encephalitis. The SP did not sympathize with the bereaved families,” Adityanath said as Akhilesh Yadav attempted to counter the chief minister’s claims in the House.

Adityanath said it is through the efforts of the dual engine government that the state is moving towards establishing a medical college in every district.

He said a medical college has been established or is in the process of being established in 59 districts of UP and the process is underway in the remaining 16 districts.

The CM said the opposition leader was nowhere to be found during the Covid pandemic. He said some people had tried to create a negative perception of Uttar Pradesh during the time of the pandemic and referred to the free Covid vaccine provided to people to argue how the state government contained the pandemic.

He said that the first SP government (that of Janata Dal) was formed with the support of the BJP. “The state of the UP only deteriorated during the terms of the SP government. The state government is now working to give UP a new identity,” the CM said.

Adityanath said the state government is now working with full responsibility. “Now a medical university is being established. For traditional medicine, an Ayush university is being established and a sports university is also being established,” he said. “We are working to make Uttar Pradesh a trillion dollar economy to help India become a $5 trillion economy,” he said.

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