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Online video streaming technology provider dotstudioPRO has announced the launch of dPRO Fast Engine, which would be the streaming industry’s only turnkey FAST aggregation solution.
Built in collaboration with UX/UI design company Baby Steps and powered by dotstudioPRO’s video CMS, the dPRO FAST Engine is a linear channel aggregator that allows streaming platforms to distribute and monetize their supported linear OTT channels. by free advertising on mobile, WebOS, tvOS, Android, Tizen, Roku and HTML5.

dPRO FAST Engine is a back-end and front-end solution for FAST linear channel streaming that includes an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) framework. FAST Engine comes with a management system that helps publishers ingest linear channels from broadcast systems, manage monetization with server-side ad insertion through integrations with technologies such as Thunderstorm; AdSpring; Publica; and AWS Mediatailor. The system has integrated with EPG broadcast formats from companies such as Amagi, WURL, Frequency, Veset and Gracenote, creating standardizations by standardizing metadata and providing simple API endpoints.

With Baby Steps, dotstudioPRO believes it has developed a “world-class” UI/UX framework for dPRO FAST Engine. The framework comes with front-end components and an EPG template with SDKs available on all OTT devices to help speed up app development. The framework is designed to allow developers to focus on front-end user experiences rather than struggling directly with complex back-end APIs.

Indeed, the company says the “heavy work” has been done to launch features and components that are now basic requirements for any streaming service. “With Baby Steps, we are on a fast track with developing industry-leading innovations for the FAST video streaming industry,” said dotstudioPRO co-founder and CTO Joe Pascual. “In the recent past, many solutions rightly focused on tools for the content rights holder to create and distribute their branded channels. Now, we believe that with our framework, more companies like Local Now and Sports.TV, both currently leading the pack in sports channels… will be able to compete and succeed in the direct-to-view aggregation business. consumers.

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