Don’t guess the useful life of the diesel engine air filter – find out with Senzit


The trucks operate in tough conditions – ragged roads, dusty trails and long stretches of freeway cutting through wild elements. The diesel engine’s filtration system (air, oil, fuel) is the engine’s first line of defense against unwanted contaminants. They work hard so your equipment can work harder, and it’s imperative that you keep a close eye on motor filtration if you want your hard-working rolling iron to be productive.

Preventative maintenance schedules go a long way in protecting your engine, but today’s technology allows you to take engine health visibility to the next level. You no longer have to wait for the truck to roll into a bay to understand the working status of your engine.

“Mann+Hummel introduced the Senzit brand as a way to monitor filter health and reduce downtime,” said Chris Scott, Venture Lead, Wix Filters. “Senzit provides fleet managers with an easy way to track fleet usage and filter health anywhere in the world, with urgent issues automatically brought to their attention.”

Senzit is able to monitor in real time the condition of the air filter for each individual equipment. System sensors are connected to the engine filter service port and all data generated is sent to the cloud via 4G LTE to be transformed into actionable information, including GPS technology to help users track their equipment, allowing them to see last known location, history of equipment location and activities, and aid in theft recovery situations. Senzit also tracks the engine hours of each connected vehicle.

Fleet managers have no shortage of truck data to review today, which is why artificial intelligence is key to the success of data-driven solutions.

“Senzit uses state-of-the-art sensors powered by artificial intelligence to provide customers with quick access to see their filter’s dust load percentage and estimated life remaining,” Scott explained. “The machine learning aspect is essential. The Senzit solution is a blend of traditional telemetry data while incorporating state-of-the-art sensors and AI-powered algorithmic data to provide the end user with the most actionable and practical data available on the market today.

Filtration data is there to inform your service-based decisions and complements existing fleet maintenance practices. Senzit lets you know exactly how many hours are left on your air filter, especially when mileage isn’t always a reliable indicator of engine usage.

“With the wealth of insights provided, Senzit enables our customers to move from reactive operation to a predictive, data-driven approach,” Scott said.

Click here for more information on Senzit and how it can help reduce downtime and make your equipment investment more productive.

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