Dark mode hits Google web search engine, so you can turn it on


Dark mode is one of the most used today by many people in their favorite mobile apps, browsers, or even operating systems. In this case, internet search giant Google officially launched a dark mode or night mode last year. for iOS and Android mobile devices, but he left the web version of the browser without it. During all these months, many users have been waiting for its arrival and today it is available to everyone on all devices and browsers.

Therefore, from now on you can now enable dark mode in google search engine in your favorite desktop browser on Windows and Mac. A mode fully applied to the search engine, that is to say both on the home page and in the search results and which aims to reduce visual fatigue, especially when we work in a poorly lit environment, as well as to save battery if we are using a laptop.

Google’s dark mode should not be confused with the browser’s dark mode, because in this case turning on Google’s dark mode will only show the search engine itself in this way. The rest of the pages we visit will be displayed in normal mode. If you’re one of those people who’s been waiting for this moment for a while, the truth is, activating it couldn’t be easier. You just need to follow the steps given below.

How to activate Google’s dark mode

To activate Google’s dark mode in its web version, we have two options or paths, both very simple. One option is to go to our web browser, open a new window, and visit the official Google website. On the main page we have to look at the bottom right, where we find the option Setting.

We click on it and it will display a menu with several options among which we find “Appearance: clear theme”. We will find it last among the list of menu options. By clicking on it we will see the configuration options for the appearance of the browser, where we will now find the option of Dark theme. Along with this, we also have Clear Theme and Device Default Option. Therefore, all we have to do is select the Dark Theme option and click the button. Keep.

The other option comes from the Google results page. In this case, just click on the gear icon displayed in the upper right and press the menu option again “Appearance: clear theme”. This will bring us to the same page that we mentioned in the previous steps and where we need to select the option Dark theme and save changes.


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