Daredevil thieves! After selling a vintage engine and a steel bridge, they sell the hospital


Thieves are making hay as governance seemingly becomes the worst casualty of the lingering disputes between the NDA’s two main ruling partners in Bihar, the BJP and the JD-U. Believe it or not, after selling the vintage steam engine and then the 60-foot steel-framed bridge built over a canal as “wreckage”, the reckless-looking thieves have now sold a government hospital in the state.

The incident of sale of government hospital was reported in Kurhani block of Muzaffarpur district. According to reports, the sub-health center had been operating in the village of Muraul in the district since 1975, but recently the authorities were surprised to discover that part of the land on which the hospital is located had been sold to a local villager. The whole story came to light during the land settlement process after receiving a request from buyers. Finding the matter serious, the circle officer put the settlement of the land on hold.

According to reports, the hospital sits on an acre of land donated by a local villager, the late Gopal Sharan Singh. Recently, a certain Satyendra Kumar Singh sold 36 of this land to four people, calling it “residential land”. But when the circle officer ordered the verification of this land before its formal colonization, it turned out that the land belonged to the government hospital!

The new incident comes just a fortnight after thieves sold a 45-year-old steel bridge weighing some 500 tonnes after dismantling it in Rohtas district. The audacity of the thieves can be underlined by the fact that they dismantled the whole bridge during the day and had come with gas cutters, JCB machines and trucks to transport the waste for sale. What was even more interesting was that a senior Water Resources Department official turned out to be the brainchild of the whole theft plan during an orderly investigation after that bridge was stolen. made the headlines. The accused officer was arrested and sent to prison with other thieves.

Another such incident occurred in Purnia district, where thieves sold an entire vantage meter gauge steam engine which was parked at the local railway station for public display, in December last year . During the investigation, it was later discovered that a Railway Engineer had sold the old steam engine based on a forged letter allegedly issued by the Divisional Mechanical Engineer, Samastipur Division . Here, too, gas cutters were used to dismantle the engine and sell them as scrap.

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