Crime and corruption doubled under BJP’s dual-powered government: Akhilesh



KANPUR Samajwadi party chairman Akhilesh Yadav said on Tuesday that crime and corruption had doubled under the BJP’s dual-powered government, saying not everyone, especially women, was safe in the Condition over the past five years.

Addressing public rallies in Rae Bareli, Fatehpur, Unnao and Kanpur, he said, “The public order situation under the BJP government has collapsed. The highest number of deaths in custody occurred under the BJP government. Corruption has also doubled under this government.

The BJP claimed that law and order was much better in the UP now when “it was anarchy under the SP government”.

Against this narrative, the SP leader said that the chief minister wanted to save a leader in Unnao in a rape case. He was apparently referring to expelled lawmaker Kuldeep Singh Sengar, who was convicted of raping a teenage girl in 2017.

The SP leader also pledged a kilo of ‘ghee to the poor along with a free ration for five years, if his party came to power in Uttar Pradesh, while saying the BJP government was set to put end to its own free ration program.

“The poor, who benefit from their rations, will have them until the elections. He will not be available after the elections. Previously, it was supposed to be given until November, but when the UP elections were announced, they said they would get it until March,” he said.

“The ration was also given by the Samajwadis earlier. As long as there is a PS government, we will give rations to our poor. At the same time, we will give mustard oil as well as two cylinders in one year. To see that the health of our poor is improving, one kilogram of ghee will also be donated,” Yadav said.

The quality of the ration distributed by the BJP government was poor and there were also reports of glass particles found in the salt, Yadav said and asked if the salt was from Gujarat.

There were 11 lakh vacancies in the UP government and the SP government will provide jobs for young people by filling these positions, he added.

Yadav said, “The BJP leaders were seeking house-to-house votes. Their top leaders were distributing leaflets…but now the campaign has stopped because when they went to some villages, people showed them empty gas canisters. From the day empty cylinders were shown, their door-to-door campaign stopped.

He added that if the Samawadi party forms the government, it will get the caste census done in Uttar Pradesh, which the BJP did not want.

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