ClearFlame Secures $ 17 Million to Commercialize Ethanol Diesel Engine Technology


“We have made this investment to stay at the forefront of developments in renewable fuel technology,” said Pierre Guyot, senior vice president of John Deere Power Systems.

“ClearFlame’s compression-ignition engine technology has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions while continuing to provide the performance and durability our customers expect from John Deere engines. wide variety of alternative fuel types. John Deere already offers biomass-based diesel compatibility on our engines. These investments are the right thing to do for environmental, economic and rural development benefits.

Mercuria Energy chief executive Boris Bystrov said in a statement that the investment in ClearFlame matches his company’s goals.

“As one of the largest commodity traders in the world, Mercuria was one of the first to integrate environmental products, including ethanol, into its business portfolio,” said Bystrov.

“The refining of Mercuria biofuels allows Mercuria to directly manage quality, supply and price risks. Mercuria’s strategic investment in ClearFlame technology complements its ongoing commitment to biofuels as part of the energy transition.

ClearFlame Engines CEO BJ Johnson told ethanol industry representatives at the National Ethanol Conference in Houston in February 2020 that the technology has the potential to create a large market for ethanol. . He said even an optimistic 20% market penetration of the $ 231 billion heavy diesel market would create demand for 15 billion gallons of ethanol per year.

The reason the use of ethanol in diesel engines has not happened is that the performance and simplicity of the diesel engine is linked to its pollutant emissions, Johnson said.

Cleaner alternatives like spark ignition do not have the performance required in many heavy-duty applications. The ClearFlame engine, Johnson said, is the only option to provide both high performance and low emissions.

A selling point for ClearFlame technology is that it has the ability to replace petroleum fuels with ethanol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as particulate matter and smog, while lowering the overall cost. of the motor.

ClearFlame worked with Cummins Inc. and Argonne National Laboratory to develop the technology. Johnson said diesel fleets have the potential to cut carbon emissions by 40% and $ 45,000 in savings.

All the while, the ClearFlame engine has 30% more torque than diesel engines.

The diesel industry spends around $ 3.3 billion on post-processing each year. Using ethanol in a diesel engine could save the industry $ 2.5 billion in aftertreatment costs, Johnson said.

Although demand for gasoline is expected to decline over the next 20 years, he said, demand for diesel is expected to remain high. In addition, he said the price of ethanol is expected to remain low relative to diesel prices for decades to come.

The ClearFlame engine is the only diesel engine that would meet California regulations on reducing nitrous oxide emissions, Johnson said, and ethanol would help the state meet that goal.

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