Chinese search engine company Baidu launches limited-edition electric vehicle with self-driving technology



A CHINESE search engine has launched a limited-edition autonomous electric vehicle.

Baidu Inc, the research provider, is teaming up with Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group to manufacture Robo-01, a semi-autonomous vehicle Electric car.


Chinese search engine company Baidu has launched a limited-edition electric vehicle with self-driving technology1 credit

The car can perform steering, to some extent, on highways and open roads and has a voice-activated system, KYODO The news.

The vehicle does not have a gear shift lever.

A total of 1,000 units of the new car were produced, each costing 399,800 yuan, or $55,308.

Manufacturing is limited to these units, and they were sold to a reserved list.

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Jidu Auto, the parent company of Baidu’s automaker, reached out to high-profile customers in September to buy the cars, according to Nikkei Asia.

US vendors Qualcomm and Nvidia have made semiconductors that go into Robo-01.

CEO Xia Yiping said they will “improve” self-driving performance.

The car can enjoy free charge and maintenance for its lifetime.

Baidu began offering fully driverless ride services in August on open roads in Chongqing and Wuhan.

Wei Dong, vice president and director of safety operations at Baidu Smart Driving Group, said the company aims to launch fully self-driving cars for customers in Beijing “later this year or early this year. next”.

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