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AHMEDABAD, Nov 8: Ahead of the upcoming Gujarat Assembly polls, top Congress leader P Chidambaram on Tuesday claimed that the state was “governed from Delhi” and that is why he saw three ministers in chef for the past six years.
The assertion of a “twin-powered” government is “vain boasting”, he said.
Chidambaram, who was in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, campaigning for his party, also denounced the ruling BJP for its “arrogance”, saying no one so far had apologized or had resigned for the tragedy of the collapse of the Morbi bridge which left 135 dead.
The Gujarat Assembly polls will be held in two phases on December 1 and 5 and the counting of votes will begin on December 8.
Addressing a press conference here, Chidambaram claimed that “Gujarat is governed from Delhi, not from Ahmedabad” and that is the reason why the state has seen three chief ministers in the past six years.
“The bragging of a dual-engine government is an empty bragging. Gujarat is a single ox cart trudging along a mud path leaving behind large sections of people, especially Scheduled Tribes, women, youth and the poor,” he added.
On October 30, a suspension bridge over the Machchuu River in Morbi district in Gujarat collapsed, killing 135 people.
“To my knowledge, no one has apologized or resigned for such a great tragedy. If such a thing had happened in a foreign country, there would have been immediate resignations. There is a complete lack of responsibility for the Morbi tragedy,” Chidambaram said.
“They did not apologize because the government here believes that they will easily win the next election and they should not be held responsible for the incident. The BJP government and its leaders believe that they are not not accountable or accountable because the BJP sits on top of arrogance,” he said.
He called on the people of Gujarat to change the BJP government and give Congress a chance this time.
“In all mature parliamentary democracies, people change governments from time to time. Every few years or terms, you have to change governments,” the congressional veteran said.
Why are social indicators, such as health and education, high in states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu? Because governments are changed once every five or ten years, he added.
“My appeal to the people of Gujarat is to change your government. Assert your democratic right. Establish the principle of parliamentary democracy. Governments must be changed from time to time. This time vote for the Congress party. Because you know our track record. We can do better and we will do better than the BJP,” Chidambaram said.
When asked if he thinks central investigative agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Directorate of Law Enforcement (ED) are being misused, Chidambaram asserted ” that they are the servants of the BJP”.
“Ninety-five percent of all cases and arrests made by the ED and CBI are of opposition leaders. Anyone who joins the BJP, all cases against them are closed and their alleged sins expunged,” he added.
On the issue of BJP-led states announcing the formation of committees to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), the Congress leader said, “Even a child knows that states cannot implement it, that can be done by Parliament.
Asked about his views on the future of Indian economy, the former Union finance minister said that India will not go into recession like European countries or the United States, but that growth will slow.
“Growth will be a far cry from the rosy picture painted by the finance minister and chief economic adviser. Growth will slow for several reasons – first, investment will slow. Second, exports will slow. Third, inflation and depreciation of the rupee will eat into people’s incomes, so consumption will slow down,” he said. (PTI)

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