Cellular Goods PLC calls for end to search engine ban on CBD products


Cellular Goods PLC (LSE:CBX) has launched a petition to encourage Google and Meta and other internet companies to lift their restrictions on the advertising and marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) products online .

The ban limits customers’ ability to make informed choices about CBD and CBG products, the market’s leading listed cellular product said, adding that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that CBG has antioxidant and anti-inflammatories that make it an ingredient with immense skincare and anti-aging potential.

Anna Chokina, Managing Director of Cellular Goods, said: “CBD and CBG are gaining acceptance in society as well as in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

“Despite this, some large tech and social media companies, such as Google and Meta, have implemented blanket bans for cannabinoid brands on their platforms.

“This anachronistic policy limits access to verified information about CBG and CBD, while hurting legitimate businesses and preventing the industry from reaching its full potential. “

The petition “Stop the ban on advertising CBG and CBD products on social media and search engineswas launched in partnership with seven leading companies, which together form “The CBG and CBD Brands Coalition”.

Other companies in the coalition include Chanelle McCoy Health, Apothem Labs, Clearly Brands, Voyager Life, Kloris, Daye and CiiTech.

The coalition calls on the public to sign the petition, to encourage Google and Meta to change their advertising and marketing policies.

The petition is hosted on Change.org and is available here.

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