Camaro Z / 28 w / 10.4L ZZ632 Crate Engine Swap from Hoonigan Video


As recently as last week, we saw a video of the Hoonigan team tasked with placing Chevrolet Performance’s largest V8 big-block body engine to date, the 10.4L ZZ632, in a Camaro Z / A rather historic third-generation 28 that served as a development mule, cradling a legendary 454 big block V8. With around 5 days to go to SEMA 2021, we get an update on the team’s progress, as they perform an official “unboxing” of the 1,004 horsepower, the big-block V8 Hellephant fighter, as well as the installation of crate motor, transmission and rear finish.

If you’ve seen the last video, you’ll notice that the team didn’t even get a ZZ632 crate engine, but rather a display mockup, cleverly disguised with 427 valve covers. This is no longer the case.

Hoonigan Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 ZZ632 Big Block V8 Crate Engine Swap

Some other progress notes include installing a new cluster gauge that appears to be fully digital. They’ve completed the installation of their four-link suspension system as well as the installation of spring-loaded shocks to help manage the weight of the engine and the vehicle as a whole. The team also hooked up the engine and transmission using the four-speed Jerico referenced in the first video. The engine bay has been painted (red) and heat shield has been added to the firewall to prevent any issues, as the gigantic Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 big block V8 crate engine runs at temperature.

There aren’t any wheels yet, but we see huge drilled brakes and one of the Hoonigans holds a fat 305 section tire against the fender wall. This is where we get a glimpse of what the position of the big block Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 might look like. If the team uses the 305 tire, they’ll beat the radical Hoonicorn Ford Mustang construction, which thrills 295/35/18 Toyo tires.

This build of Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 has a long way to go, including finishing the interior, installing wheels and tires, and getting the ZZ632 engine up and running by November 2, the kick-off date. official SEMA Show 2021. Watch the latest video from Hoonigan to really get a feel for what lies ahead.

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