Bohemia Interactive reveals the engine behind ‘Arma 4’


The developers behind DayZ and the Arma series unveiled its new engine. The engine will power ‘all new potential Arma Game”.

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The new engine, named “Enfusion,” was revealed through a new website that promotes engine power to potential developers.

“Enfusion represents 20 years of experience in developing game engines bundled into one powerful toolset.” reads a statement on the site.

The website claims the engine will excel in creating “believable worlds”:

“A world powered by Enfusion should completely submerge you. Instead of adapting to cutting edge graphics technology, our goal is to make environments more believable. This includes everything from proper lighting through day / night cycles to grass and trees moving in the wind or simulating stars lighting up a dark sky.

The engine will also support “extended mouldability” according to the developers.

“Do you like to customize your gameplay with mods?” Enfusion games let you manage and experience mods right in the game and enjoy thousands of hours of fun just the way you want on all major platforms.

A Q&A on the website reveals that the engine is also fully functional on PlayStation and Xbox, suggesting that future Bohemia games could make their way to consoles.

Asked about Arma 4, the questions and answers end with:

“We have nothing new to share regarding the future of the Arma series other than the fact that we will be using Enfusion for any potential new Arma games. Follow our social networks or subscribe to the Bohemia newsletter to be sure to always receive the latest news!

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