Bloodborne 2 Fan Trailer Returns to Yharnam in Unreal Engine 5


A fan-made Bloodborne 2 trailer uses Unreal Engine 5 to create awesome next-gen locations, including iconic Yharnam and sandy Loran.

A fan-made trailer for Bloodborne 2 imagine a sequel that rebuilds Yharnam and creates other exotic locations, in Unreal Engine 5. Released in 2015, FromSoftware’s gothic horror soul dropped the knights and dragons of dark souls in favor of cobbled streets, werewolves, cunning weapons and eldritch gods. While some rumors claim that Bluepoint Games does Bloodborne 2As of this writing, there has been no official announcement of a sequel to the FromSoftware classic.

Although it follows the basic formula of Demon’s Souls and dark souls, transmitted by blood manages to offer a completely original experience. The game’s combat system emphasizes aggression rather than defense, with the player character Hunter moving at high speeds and recovering health by quickly counter-attacking enemies. Various nifty weapons, which can instantly switch between two distinct forms, also make the transmitted by blood combat system stand out from other soulslikes. Ever since its launch in 2015, fans have been clamoring for a sequel to the Lovecraftian RPG, but sadly that dream has yet to come true. Last year a Bloodborne 2 fan trailer has been released which features multiplayer arena mode and new locations and now another fan creation has been released.

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A fan made Bloodborne 2 The trailer, posted on YouTube by ENFANT TERRIBLE, uses Unreal Engine 5 to create a stunning return to Yharnam. The video, which features the work of multiple artists and developers, captures the dark, gothic atmosphere that fans would expect from a transmitted by blood follow. Much of the video reconstructs Yharnam, suggesting the town would be the main setting for the hypothetical sequel, but the trailer also appears to depict other lands like the snowy mountain ruins and the sandy region of Loran. Whereas Bloodborne 2 Unfortunately not yet announced, this fan-made Unreal Engine 5 trailer proves that the sequel could be an artistic masterpiece.

Whereas Bloodborne 2 might not be coming anytime soon, the newly announced pixel game the last faith seems to be heavily based on FromSoftware’s terrifying title. The beautiful Metroidvania game, developed by Kumi Souls Games and revealed at the Future Games Show, is a side-scrolling adventure through a gothic fantasy world. The title’s masked protagonist and grotesque enemies look like they came straight out of Yharnam, but the last faith also features an amazing pixel art style that serves as a love letter to classic games like metroid and Castlevania.

the original transmitted by blood brought Yharnam to life in its breathtaking and chilling glory, but Unreal Engine 5 do it Bloodborne 2 even more gorgeous fan trailer. The sequel concept would take hunters to an even more atmospheric version of the city, as well as other equally unsettling locations, in pursuit of blood. Bloodborne 2 is sadly just a dream, but ENFANT TERRIBLE managed to provide insight outside of the nightmare.

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