Black Knight’s Surefire Mortgage and CRM Marketing Engine Makes Marketing and Messaging Simple and Fast


Maintaining and deepening relationships with borrowers is important to lenders, but it takes valuable time away from other business efforts of mortgage organizations. Additionally, creating engaging content on a regular basis and maintaining separate systems or tools for delivering it is stressful, tedious, and time-consuming.

Mortgage professionals need a solution that gives them a bird’s-eye view of the entire customer lifecycle and can offer multiple features that keep them top-of-mind with customers, even after closing. of the loan.

Black Knight’s Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine helps mortgage professionals win new business, generate recurring business and earn referral business. Surefire includes intuitive “set it and forget it” workflows and award-winning content, allowing mortgage professionals to effortlessly maintain and deepen their relationships with clients and colleagues through one powerful platform.

Surefire’s comprehensive marketing automation and content means organizations no longer need to patch multiple disparate systems to manage emails, texts and forms. Surefire provides these features and more in an all-in-one, ready-to-use platform designed specifically for the mortgage industry.

The platform outperforms generic CRM platforms by excelling in areas such as creative content, compliance standards, and audit support. Its sophisticated hierarchy easily accommodates any organization’s expansion plans, including support for multiple lending channels, brokers, and brands.

Mortgage professionals are familiar with home financing, but can struggle to write engaging content on a regular and ongoing basis. Surefire offers integrated content and interactive capabilities to help the mortgage industry convert leads, provide exceptional in-process communication and create loyal customers for life.

Using Surefire, marketing and messaging is fast, simple and always available. Users can access platform content to send as is or customize to make it their own.

Surefire users have access to the best proven marketing campaigns that can be implemented out of the box. Platform capabilities include a leading CRM tool, personalized and dynamic videos, co-branded real estate sites and flyers, a network of partner portals, and more.

The integrated platform increases transparency between all stakeholders to foster closer collaboration between a lender’s marketing, technology, sales, and management teams. Surefire provides a holistic view of the customer loan lifecycle and comprehensive digital asset management.

Surefire can be customized to customer preferences and profitability. By reducing costly learning curves, Surefire’s “Blueprints for Success” marketing campaigns help users improve ROI by extracting more value from the platform sooner. Ultimately, Surefire users have the right functionality at their fingertips for every stage of the loan lifecycle.

“Our customers love that Surefire runs automatically, allowing them to focus on closing more loans, expanding into more markets and growing their lending channels,” said Erik Enright, Managing Director , Origination Technologies – Surefire. “Brand recall is brand equity, so by automatically sending prospects and borrowers valuable and engaging branded content over time, credit professionals can help create customers for life.”

Anthony Jabbour, Chairman and CEO, Black Knight

Anthony Jabbour leads the company’s overall vision and direction to deliver Black Knight’s best-in-class solutions and services to many of the nation’s largest lenders and service providers.


Rich Gagliano, President, Origination Technologies, Black Knight

Rich Gagliano is responsible for the overall strategy and product direction of Black Knight Origination Technologies.


Erik Enright, Managing Director, Origination Technologies – Surefire, Black Knight

Erik Enright leads initiatives for Black Knight’s Surefire CRM solution, which automates the distribution of marketing content relevant to borrowers to help build lasting client relationships.

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