Black-headed snake in distress rescued from minibus engine


A Wildlife SOS team rescued a five-foot-long black-headed king snake stuck in the engine of a mini tourist bus in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It took two long hours for the team to rescue the distressed snake. The snake is now under observation and will be released into the wild once deemed fit.

The driver of the mini tourist bus was surprised when he saw a snake coming out of the steering wheel. The poor snake’s lower body was stuck in the engine and its head was sticking out of the wheel. The kind driver, thinking on his feet, immediately called the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit, and a team rushed to the scene to rescue the snake. The team confirmed it was a young snake because of the markings on its head and body. Finally, after two hours, the snake was rescued.

Source: Wildlife SOS/Youtube

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said: “Being stuck in such a difficult situation can be stressful for any animal. The snake’s experience was extremely traumatic in this case and we are ensuring that it receives the care and rest it needs to heal. It is gratifying to see that concerned citizens have also taken responsibility for us and helped our team.

Always call a rescue agency or local organization if you find a wild animal in danger. Snakes are often misunderstood and viewed as useless or dangerous wild animals. If you encounter a snake, contact your local wildlife authorities and see What to do when you encounter a snake!

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