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Engine, Turbine and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Industry Overview: Trends and Challenges

Manufacturers focus on product innovations and improvements to improve performance, connectivity, productivity, and stability. Initiatives include the development of turbines two to three times larger than previous designs, gearless turbines, turbines optimized for low wind conditions and smart turbines to manage grid load. In such a highly competitive industry, a constant pipeline of innovative products for diverse use cases can prove to be a key driver.

COVID-19 has caused energy projects under construction to be delayed. While some projects were halted for a few months, many others were canceled or postponed for long periods. Orders therefore fell for manufacturers, who were already facing problems related to raw materials and the mobilization of labour. Manufacturers have also experienced supply and demand imbalances due to COVID-19.

Engines, Turbines and Power Transmission Equipment BizVibe Insights: Key Players and Specialist Manufacturers

Some of the public and private engine, turbine and power transmission equipment companies on BizVibe include:

Market leaders:

  • General Electric
  • Bwxt investment company
  • Siemens Energy Inc.
  • Arcosa Inc.
  • Altra Industrial Motion Corp.

Specialist manufacturers:

  • Brunswick Society
    • Product Highlights: Marine Engines
  • Detroit Diesel Corporation
    • Product Highlights: Diesel Engines
  • Rolls-Royce fuel systems
    • Product Highlights: Diesel Engines
  • CRS
    • Key products: diesel engines, generators
  • Cummins inc.
    • Key products: motors, generators

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Key Segments Covered

BizVibe’s information on the engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing industry covers the following segments.

Main categories of engines, turbines and power transmission equipment:

  • Manufacturers of turbines and turbine generator sets
  • Manufacturers of variable speed drives, high speed industrial drives and gears
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers

Other engine equipment categories:

  • Manufacturers of diesel and semi-diesel engines
  • Locomotive diesel engine manufacturers
  • Marine Engine Manufacturers
  • Outboard Motor Manufacturers

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