Binotto says work on Ferrari’s 2022 car is ‘advanced’ – and aims for engine upgrade for this season


There are still plenty of races to go this season, but teams are already considering the set of rule changes that will occur in 2022, with all-new cars signaling a new era in Formula 1. Mattia Binotto, director of Formula 1 The Ferrari team, detailed the progress the Scuderia is making to become their next championship challenger – with a major engine upgrade on the horizon as well.

Next season will mark the start of a total F1 redesign, with an emphasis on ground effect, redesigned nose and fenders and much more, with the aim of creating a spectacle with more overtaking in 2022. And work is well advanced on the new car Ferrari, according to Binotto.

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“2022 is progressing and this is the point where you normally freeze the geometries of the chassis and the whole concept of the car, the suspension setup, the cooling setup, so let’s say the concept is definitely very advanced,” he said. he declared.

“While the concept is frozen, the chassis is in production. It’s about time we continued to work on the body shape, aerodynamics, fenders, body, etc., and we are definitely doing a lot of work on the powertrain.

Ferrari finished second in the 2017 championship at 19, but fell to sixth in 2020

An engine upgrade is also in the works for this season which Ferrari hopes will help them make gains in power stakes, with Binotto explaining why this is so essential to their goals of becoming the championship team that they were once.

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He continued: “For us it will be important to take the biggest step possible, knowing that this is sort of the ultimate gap in terms of performance on the powertrain.

“The objective is to try to overcome this drawback, to close it, that is why on the engine we are working hard and it is a key moment when not only you have to find performance but to start to fully homologate the reliability of the produced for next season. “

As for when the engine upgrade will be ready to be used in anger, the Scuderia leader laid out some of the challenges they face – and hasn’t determined a race when it will be ready.

Ferrari sits behind McLaren in the constructors’ championship heading for the Russian Grand Prix

“We are working very hard to prepare them as soon as possible,” he said.

“It’s a change in technology on the hybrid side. In order to present them, we have to transport the materials first and, being dangerous materials, we need full approvals and certifications for that, so it’s not just about developing the hybrid system on the dynos and to somehow prove reliability, but there are a lot of aspects that need to be addressed in order for them to be available on the right track.

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“For the moment, there is no race that can be decided. It will be as soon as possible because we think doing it as much as possible this season will be interesting for next season. I hope it will be in the next races, and very soon, ”concluded Binotto.

Scuderia arrives at the Russian Grand Prix this weekend 13.5 points behind McLaren’s third place in the standings.

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