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Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and it’s most commonly associated with Edge, the company’s browser.

While Bing may stand out in terms of search results, often returning the same things as other major browsers, you’ll want to use the rest of the Microsoft product world to get the most out of it. Here is what we found.


If you have a Microsoft account (or create one), you can sign in through Bing. When you do, you might notice that the rewards icon at the top right of the page increases in number.


You can earn rewards by performing research with Bing, shopping from the Microsoft Store, playing Xbox, and taking quizzes and surveys. (Image credit: Microsoft)

You earn rewards for searching with Bing (you get more if you use Microsoft Edge), shop in the Microsoft Store, play Xbox, answer quizzes and surveys, and more. You can redeem your rewards by doing things like donating to a cause, entering a raffle, or ordering a gift card.

Another feature of Bing that competitive search engines usually don’t have is the ability to add notifications to your home page. Select a topic and when something new is posted about it, you will receive a notification that there is an update on what interests you.


The best way to stay in control of your privacy when using Bing is to sign in to your Microsoft account when using the search engine – and using Microsoft Edge with Bing is recommended.

It is not known how much you can see and manage if you are using Bing on another browser. On, you can click the Three horizontal lines at the top right of the page, then click Search History and see the option to view and clear your search history. But Microsoft privacy page says you can “erase the browsing data we collect when you use Cortana and Microsoft Edge”. So while you can clear your search history with only, you may need to use Edge to view and clear the collection research data – what makes the difference.

You can access your privacy controls by going to this link above and clicking Connect with Microsoft. The Navigation history The section explains how Edge records information about the websites you visit using the browser, and it shows you how to view and delete that browser history. Again, this doesn’t clarify what happens to your data if you’re just using, even if you’re signed in to your Microsoft account. To be as secure as possible, we suggest using Bing with Edge.

User experience

Bing’s search results may be richer than Google’s. For example, when you search “What is the weather like today?” Here’s what Bing returned:

search results

Bing provides a bit more additional weather information compared to Google (Image credit: Microsoft)

So that’s what Google returned when searching for the weather:

search results

Google’s weather search results are a bit more streamlined though (Image credit: Google)

The same thing happened when searching for “best movies” – Bing’s results were a bit richer than Google and Yahoo’s:

Movie Search Results

Bing’s search results for films (Image credit: Microsoft)

Movie Search Results

Google search results for movies (Image credit: Google)

Movie Search Results

Yahoo Search Results for Movies (Image credit: Yahoo)

We also tested Bing against Google when searching for “TechRadar”. Both search engines returned as the first result, followed by three of the site’s last headlines, with the option to scroll further. And both search engines had a TechRadar information box on the right side of the results page. Going down from each page to the next, the results were almost identical – mostly links to social profiles, aggregate sites, and TechRadar reviews.


You can use Bing by going to, or you can change your default search engine to Bing. Here’s how to change your default for Safari and Chrome. If you are using another browser that does not offer Bing, you can still use the search engine by going to the dedicated site.

Use Bing on Safari

You can also use Bing on Safari (Image credit: Apple)

On Safari, go to Safari> Preferences> Search. Then, from the search engine drop-down menu, select Bing.

Bing on Chrome

As well as on Google Chrome (Image credit: Google)

On Chrome, go to Chromium > Preferences > Search engine > Search engine used in the address bar. To select Bing from the drop-down menu.

You can also install Bing search apps to Android and ios. With the mobile app, you can sign in to your Microsoft account on your computer without using a password.

The competition

It’s difficult to fully assess Bing without considering the Edge browser as the two are designed to work together. Edge is a competitor in the browser market, especially if you do a lot of online shopping – it has great ecommerce features. But even with Bing plus Edge, security features seem limited, and there are other much more secure search engines, browsers, and hybrids.

That said, Bing’s results are aligned with those of the major search engines (namely Safari and Chrome) and much better compared to Yahoo. It’s a major improvement over the Bing of years past, which came under scrutiny for poor, outdated, and even inappropriate search results.

Final verdict

Bing has a few extras that other search engines don’t have (or don’t have in the foreground), but the rewards take so long to accumulate and have such high redemption rates that many users can. just forget about them. The updates on the page regarding your tagged topic are undeniably nice, though.

Most importantly, Bing’s privacy settings are most powerful when you sign in to your Microsoft account and use the Edge browser – and even then, we’ve found that the security features can seem minimal. Since Bing doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles or superior search results to other (safer) search engines, we don’t know what its appeal and competitive differentiator is.

We don’t want to discourage you completely, however. Read our article on Bing’s new bots, which can help you in your research.

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