Bectran adds an advanced approval automation engine to process and manage construction project tickets in real time


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bectran, Inc., the leader in credit, collections and accounts receivable software, has launched an enhanced solution for its automated risk assessment and approval framework for construction. Bectran’s Construction Project Job Ticket Management solution will digitize and automate the construction project approval process while simultaneously identifying and managing credit and performance risk. The solution uses industry and company-specific risk criteria to automatically assess and approve project worksheets, eliminating wasted time while ensuring data accuracy. The solution relies on robust risk management models to assess credit and performance risks in real time.

Currently, the industry standard for managing construction project job tickets is primarily manual and paper-based, which does not guarantee completeness or accuracy and exposes companies to increased risk of delays, inaccurate results and inefficient use of time. Additionally, these legacy systems cannot integrate with external data sources, making performance and credit risk assessment a tedious and time-consuming process. Importantly, manual project risk management systems cannot effectively scale to support high transaction processing environments, often resulting in process abandonment with huge associated costs.

Bectran’s construction project job ticket management solution provides a digitized, scalable, user-friendly and comprehensive work process with a robust configurable automation framework. The digital framework facilitates end-to-end management, monitoring and reporting of construction projects across multiple industries. With real-time data aggregation capability, Bectran’s solutions deliver actionable insights that power data-driven approval decisions, reducing the likelihood of default and increasing repayment propensity.

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“We designed the worksheet management solution for construction projects to fill a gap in productivity and risk management capability that is much needed in the HVAC industry. We have continued to expand and improve the solution to address complex processing nuances in various industry segments. This product enhancement was another major step towards achieving the goal,” said Louis Ifeguni, CEO of Bectran.

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The Bectran Construction Project Job Sheet solution is now available to our customers.

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A growing number of businesses depend on Bectran to manage their accounts receivable and collections. With significant automation of processes and tasks, businesses are able to reduce the cost of collections by 60-90% while accelerating the collection cycle with comprehensive and accurate treasury applications.

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