‘Bad call for cooling’ behind Aston Martin’s engine warnings RaceFans


Nico Hulkenberg is confident that the serious cooling problems experienced by the two Aston Martin drivers in the last race will not reappear this weekend.

were both repeatedly asked to reduce their pace during the Bahrain Grand Prix in order to lower the temperature of their cars.

The situation was described as “critical” for both drivers and at one point Hulkenberg was told he couldn’t make a pit stop because his car was too hot. Both had to “get up and roll” around corners backing up early, stopping on the straights to get some cool air into their radiators, and slowly pulling away after pit stops to handle the issue.

Hulkenberg, who replaces Sebastian Vettel again this weekend, believes the team has a solution in place for this weekend’s race in Jeddah.

“I think we have it under control, we figured out what was wrong,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “It was just kind of a bad call on the cooling side, I think.

“It’s manageable. It was quite compromising during the race in Bahrain, but nothing concerns us for the rest.

2 michael DRS is on, Zhou is 1.1 behind. 2 michael Zhou 1 behind, 1 behind. 2 To stroll Stop with the gap. 3 michael Can we do a little lift-and-coast for the tires and the PU. Lift and coast. 3 michael Lance, we need to focus on energy, we need to focus on preparing the peloton. 3 To stroll [Unclear]. 3 michael The car behind is Norris on average. No power button, no power button. 4 To stroll Suffering a lot with the rear. 4 michael Plus two on brake balancing. Lift-and-coast can help, lift-and-coast can help too. 4 michael Alright, at their peak Lance, they are now and they’re going to come back to you a bit. lift and coast 4 michael We need Lift-and-Coast turn 11 for PU. 5 michael Alright, we need Lance lift-and-coast urgent, for PU, lift-and-coast for PU. 5 To stroll I lift and roll… 5 michael We need more… 5 To stroll What do you want me to tell you? 5 michael We need more, we need more. 5 michael Review – 1.4 at Norris – lift and coast reviews. Good job, good job, we need it. 5 michael Alright, keep lifting and coasting, good job for now, good job now, keep going. 6 michael Keep doing what you’re doing, Lance, it’s up to us. 6 michael We need 20m more Lance, 20m more lift and uphill everywhere please. 7 michael Keep doing the lift-and-coast, it’s good, it’s controllable, Norris has the same problem. ten michael Keep lifting and rolling for the PU. Good job, though. ten michael Both safety car windows are open, both safety car windows are open. 11 michael Strat six, strat six and keep doing your lift-and-coast. 11 michael Pull for air in the straight line, pull for air in the straight line to cool the PU. 12 michael Pull right from Albon at start/finish, pull right from Albon at start/finish for cooling. 12 michael And strat seven too, strat seven. 12 michael It was really good Lance, let’s keep it going, it’ll give us the engine temperature to attack it. 13 To stroll Would you rather I use high RPMs or low RPMs for engine temperatures? 13 michael Longer gears. What you do is good, what you do is good. Keep pulling, lifting and slowing and longer gears. 13 michael Keep shooting the right Spear. 13 To stroll Yeah, it stings. 13 michael Copy. Let’s focus on reducing the PU, go ahead and reduce the temperature of the PU. 13 michael Zhou is 6.6 ahead, so use that free air to cool the car. 13 To stroll Do I have to lift and roll as much in the open air? 13 michael Yes for now it will go faster. 14 michael The car behind is Alonso, he’s in the pits, he’s done 38 seconds, he’s fast. Different strategy, different race, so don’t delay, waste no time with Alonso. 14 michael Ok Alonso 1 behind, different race to focus on PU. 17 michael Ok Lance uses the tires, keeps the lift-and-coast, but uses the tires. 18 michael Lance boxing we are this round, we are boxing this round. 18 To stroll Okay copy. 18 michael Lance, we’re gonna need one in elevator 14, elevator in 14. 18 michael Big lift in 14, big lift in 14 and there will be no launch, soft start from pit stop, soft start from pit stop. Box box, box box.
1 Hulkenberg A bad downgrade there in the main straight. 1 Cronin Copy we see, we seek. 3 Cronin So Nico for the engine and the tire a little lift-and-coast in one and four, a little please, a little lift-and-coast one and four. 4 Cronin A little more lift-and-coast if you can, please, a little more lift-and-coast for the clips. 4 Cronin So Nico, we need to cool the engine, we need to cool the engine, so pull to the side a bit and do some lift-and-coast. 5 Cronin So, Nico, we need a lot more of that, please, a lot more. You have to do a big lift-and-coast. If it costs a position, that’s what you need to do. Some big lifts and hills now. 5 Cronin Pull to the side please, pull to the side, cool the engine. 5 Cronin Ok Nico you have to keep doing it, please keep pulling to the side. 5 Cronin Ok Nico so you have to keep doing it, you have to keep cooling the engine, Lance and Norris behind have the same problem. 6 Cronin Ok Nico one clock ahead on the brake balance and keep pulling sideways and keep doing lift-and-coast, you’re doing just fine. 6 Cronin So Nico, you’re doing a good job but I need a bit of lift-and-coast in eight and also in 10. As well as in 11. 6 Cronin Schumacher car in front, and you need ACS when you can, ACS off. 6 Cronin So let’s try to get Schumacher, because that will help the engine. You can use energy, though. 7 Cronin Ok Nico, you need to do a little more lift and roll, please a little more lift and roll, we are critical on the engine. 8 Cronin The car behind is now Norris. 8 Cronin Ok Nico, I know it’s painful, but you have to keep doing the engine cooling. 9 Cronin It’s critical on the engine now, Nico, critical. 9 Cronin Ok Nico so Norris is still 0.7 behind. Please continue to cool the engine. 9 Cronin So we need more lift-and-coast, Nico, more lift-and-coast. ten Cronin Keep doing the lifting, freewheeling in the open, please. 11 Cronin So, Nico, we need more, please, more lift-and-coast. I know it’s painful, you’re doing a great job, but we need more. 11 Cronin So Nico, this next lap, I need more lift and climb, especially in four. 11 Hulkenberg Do you want eighth gear in a straight line or not? 11 Hulkenberg The backs go now. 11 Cronin Copy that, Nico, copy. 12 Cronin So Nico we’re too hot to be able to get into the pits so we have to do more cooling, even if it costs a position, more cooling. 12 Cronin So Nico, if you can use higher gears in corners where you can, use high gears, and later downshifts, that also helps engine temperatures. 12 Cronin It will help a little, Nico. 13 Cronin Ok Nico you are doing a very good job. You can do torque nine if you want a bit of stability, torque nine and click brake balance. 13 Cronin So keep doing the engine cooling, you’re doing a good job. Continue to cool the engine. 13 Hulkenberg That weird feeling, the car is a bit square under braking. 13 Cronin Well received. So Alonso is about to pass Norris behind, he is pitted on a medium. Alonso is quickly behind on a failing support. It’s a different strategy so don’t waste time on it. 14 Cronin Getting a little limited in the back now. 14 Cronin Yeah copy that, Nico, copy that. 14 Cronin Seventh or here? eighth in the straight 14 Cronin So there are two cars coming out of the pits in front of us now. 14 Cronin So Nico, eighth gear is good, eighth gear is good.

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