As a Dragon developer considering the move to RGG Studio Unreal Engine 5


RGG Studio, a longtime developer yakuza As a Dragon franchise, Unreal Engine 5 is being “discovered” as it plans to ditch its current in-house Dragon Engine. As IGN reports, the team is aware that its custom engine is starting to show its age, and will likely require a “major update” if it is to be used for future games.

There was a time, long ago, when Dragon motors were the knees of the fly. It was introduced in 2016 by Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and represented a important Jumping in terms of technical and graphic skills. Dragon Engine still looks good – even cool at times – but with RGG Studio adding so many bits to it over the years, its foundation is starting to crack.

But here comes the exciting part: the brand new Like a Dragon: Isshin! – a complete remake of the 2014 PS4 and PS3 spin-off Samurai – using Unreal Engine 4. Apparently the development team thought it would be easier to use Epic’s software for this project.

“We look at it and say, what are the attributes of each? What is the capacity of the Dragon engine? What is the capacity of the original engine? said Masayoshi Yokoyama.

“The main challenge is that we now have too many platforms,” he continues. “We’ve got PC, we’ve got Steam, we’ve got Xbox, we’ve got all kinds of things that our game can be a part of, and so making a game that can be on all of those platforms and have its own. Using the opportunity to share the game with people from all over the world is a big challenge that we think we want to take up in the future.

It may well be that the move to Unreal Engine 5 is RGG Studio’s response to the concept, as it seems to be thrusting even further into the spotlight as a dragon. Do you think the team should ditch Dragon Engine and do something new? Pray for some fun physics in the comments section below.


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