Ames N-Sense startup receives $ 50,000 investment from Ag Startup Engine


N-Sense, an Ames-based startup developing a soil nitrate sensor system for on-the-go nitrogen management, received a $ 50,000 investment from Ag Startup Engine.

Founded in 2017, N-Sense’s Soil Nitrate Sensor System can be attached to agricultural implements and used to determine real-time soil nitrate concentrations on the fly with sufficient accuracy to facilitate precise application of soil. nitrogen fertilizers.

“We are delighted to partner with Ag Startup Engine to develop and commercialize this Iowa State University technology,” N-Sense President David Laird said in a statement. “From the start, the University recognized its value to row agriculture and sponsored the early investments needed to prove the concept and patent the technologies. Using NSF and private funds, we’re taking precision nitrogen fertilizer management to the next level, integrating direct soil nitrate detection and field and soil analysis to optimize nitrogen fertilizer application in the fields. Our technology will make precision fertilizer applications both convenient and profitable for farmers. Our business units will reduce over-fertilization, improving both the agricultural economy and the water quality in our lakes and streams.

“Ag Startup Engine believes that N-Sense’s innovative technology will create value for crop producers and be a valuable addition to its portfolio. “We are delighted that N-Sense is joining the Ag Startup Engine portfolio and community,” said Kevin Kimle, co-director of Ag Startup Engine. “Precision technology for nitrogen application will be an important step towards better management of agricultural inputs and soil health outcomes.

Ag Startup Engine was launched four years ago to help fill two fundamental gaps that prevent agricultural startups and entrepreneurs from being more successful: early start-up investing and organized mentoring of successful entrepreneurs. With the second fund in the program, their goal is to accept and invest in 45 agriculture and animal health startups over the next five years. To date, the organization has invested in 22 companies.

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