ALTR’s new policy automation engine reduces time spent managing data access from months to minutes


LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ALTRinnovator of comprehensive control and data protection solutions, today announces the expansion of its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, with the release of its new policy automation engine for managing data access controls in Snowflake and beyond. This state-of-the-art solution allows data engineers and architects to configure data access policies in minutes, manage ongoing updates to data permissions, and manage data access requests through the company’s own platform. Codeless form of ALTR for data policy management.

According to Paul Gancz, Partner Solutions Architect, Snowflake, “ALTR makes it even easier for customers to apply Snowflake’s native data governance capabilities through the use of automation. »

  • ALTR uses Snowflake’s built-in data classification and object tagging to automate access policy enforcement on sensitive data types such as email or social security numbers, avoiding updates tedious when new data is added. In addition to Snowflake, ALTR integrates with all sources of metadata tags, including major data catalog solutions, extending automation of appropriate data governance policies and data privacy and security features, including data masking, rate limits and tokenization across the enterprise data ecosystem – providing a single policy engine to control and protect data wherever it resides.

  • Snowflake users can access the ALTR Free Plan through Snowflake Partner Connect and easily upgrade to the Transparently Priced Enterprise Plan within the product. Additionally, ALTR has just announced that a version of its product built using Snowflake’s native application framework will soon be available on the Snowflake Marketplace and deployable in the consumer’s own Snowflake account, providing administrators and administrators with Snowflake database a simple SQL-based interface for easily scaling ALTR data. governance and security across multiple disparate databases.

ALTR customers, from those responsible for implementing data policies to those responsible for ensuring data security, are already recognizing the benefits of automation.

“Snowflake has a lot of built-in functionality, and anything I would have attempted to do with custom stored procedures, ALTR had already automated. What would otherwise have taken weeks or months to configure and maintain manually, I I was able to complete it within hours,” said Chris Domenech, Cloud Architect, ALTR client. TDECU. “On top of that, ALTR is already in Snowflake Partner Connect, which makes onboarding extremely easy. With ALTR, we are able to protect data as soon as we know what we want to protect. »

“Because our data team will be able to automate governance controls and protections with ALTR, not only will processes be less open to human error, reducing risk, but we will also save time at all levels, increasing productivity and allowing us to focus on analyzing data and delivering the best possible experiences to our members,” said Devshree Golecha, VP Data, TDECU.

Join us on Snowflake Summit June 13-16, 2022, to hear Ms. Golecha and James Beecham, CTO, ALTR discuss how ALTR helped enable TDECU’s secure journey to the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Further demonstrating its value to the financial services industry, ALTR has been awarded the Snowflake Financial Service Competency Badge for its data security and control solution in the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud. Snowflake Partner Network Competency Program Unveiled at Snowflake Summit 2022 rewards and validates Snowflake Partners for the depth of their Snowflake expertise and commitment to driving customer impact across the entire Data Cloud ecosystem.

“The partnership between Snowflake and ALTR is reinventing what is possible with data, helping joint customers create new revenue streams and collaborate in the data economy while maintaining security and governance standards,” said Rinesh Patel, Global Industry GTM Lead, Financial Services, Snowflake. “ALTR’s Financial Services Competency Badge is a testament to their expertise and continued innovation in the data cloud, further mobilizing global data to advance the future of financial services.”

“Our latest release continues our commitment to providing the simplest data control and protection possible for Snowflake customers,” said Dave Sikora, CEO of ALTR. “Just as other solutions in the data ecosystem help save time for data engineers, such as ETL vendors who help build data pipelines, ALTR’s policy automation engine offloads the data engineers from the burden of governance and data protection in Snowflake so they can get back to providing insights and evaluating.”

About the ALTR

ALTR is the only automated policy enforcement and data security solution that lets you easily control and protect sensitive data to minimize risk sooner and unlock value faster. Hundreds of enterprises and thousands of users leverage the ALTR Platform to gain unparalleled visibility into data usage, automate and control data access, and secure data with patented rate limiting and tokenization as a service, all in minutes instead of months. ALTR’s database integrations and partner ecosystem enable on-premises to cloud protection and a single solution for enterprise-wide data governance and security. To learn more, please visit To get started with the ALTR free plan today, register here.

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