Airbnb announces changes to its search engine with new categories


The world’s largest short-term rental app, Airbnb, is changing its site and app to appeal to users. The tech company announced last week that it was expanding its search for rental listings, adding several new categories including “chef’s kitchens” and “historic homes” to its current listings, Associated Press reported.

The company also said that users will be able to book shared stays between homes and that it will provide new protections for renters to compensate users deceived by false advertisements on the app.

Airbnb says the changes will help users find listings they didn’t know existed before and expand location offerings to places people never thought to stay. The company said it helps control overtourism in popular destinations.

As the summer season approaches and the company expects to see a large number of people looking for short-term rentals, these changes are seen as necessary to meet the high demand expected over the coming weeks. As AP reported, the company expected second-quarter revenue to exceed $2 billion, above previous analyst expectations. Nights and experiences booked in the first quarter topped 100 million for the first time in company history.

Airbnb’s new listing will feature 56 categories on its app, including proximity to attractions like a beach, activity like skiing or surfing, or by home style.

As for the split-stay option, the company explains that people will be able to book two different homes in the same area on one trip or rent two different places in one category, such as two separate national parks on the same trip.

For those misled by false ads on the app, Airbnb also said all reservations will include a promise to find a similar or better home or a refund if the host cancels a reservation within 30 days of check-in. or if the listing is less than promised, such as having fewer rooms than advertised.

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