5 tips to keep your car engine from idling


Idling can not only harm the environment, but also burn valuable fuel.

Engine idling is an inevitable by-product of driving a car. It refers to the period of time that a car’s engine is running even though it is not moving. The myth that the car does not pollute the environment when it is not driving is completely false. Plus, you’re also wasting valuable fuel and effectively, your hard-earned money when idling for long durations. That’s why we decided to give you 5 tips to avoid engine idling.

Make Ignition Your Friend


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Don’t be afraid to turn off your car’s ignition when driving. However, only do this when you know you will be standing still for more than 10 seconds. Otherwise, don’t bother turning off the engine. It’s a myth that you burn more fuel when you restart the car, so be comfortable with your car’s ignition to make sure you’re not adding to the already polluted air outside.

Warm up the engine while driving, not idling

Excessive revving of the engine does not warm it up effectively. So bust that myth that idling the engine will help relieve it. Instead, start driving the car gradually, which will easily warm up the engine and ensure not only a smooth ride, but better health for your engine.

Opt for Start/Stop technology


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Automakers are increasingly equipping this technology in their offerings lately. The Start/Stop function automatically deactivates the engine when you stop the car for a certain period of time. Then, depending on whether you are driving a manual or automatic car, the engine will start immediately once you press the clutch or the accelerator. This saves you from having to look for the ignition yourself.

Plan your trip

Another tip to prevent your car from idling is to plan your trip in advance. The first step should be to avoid traffic hotspots that require you to leave your car idling. Another way to avoid traffic jams is to travel at odd hours when rush hour doesn’t affect you in any way. It will also help you save fuel, as driving in traffic uses much more fuel than driving continuously.

AC label


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When getting into a car that has been in the sun for a long time, people tend to turn on the engine and run the air conditioning while the car is idling. This does not allow the car to cool down any faster. On the contrary, if you start driving and let the cool air from outside reach the interior of your car, it will really end up cooling the air inside effectively and more efficiently.


Now that you know these tips to keep your car engine from idling, you’re better equipped to prevent your vehicle from harming the environment and also save valuable fuel.

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