12 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends for 2022


The online search industry has changed drastically in recent years from previous standards. For example, we have seen:

  • improvement in Google’s search algorithms
  • A critical increase in mobile search
  • Google SERPs round out the revamp with a few new features.

Recently, Google also introduced the continuous scrolling feature. It made people say goodbye to the front page and hello to infinity. More so, we also live in zero-click search. That’s because Google answers questions directly to ensure simplicity and convenience. Additionally, we have seen new trends in the technical aspects of site design.

So any lagging site that doesn’t work well on mobile and lacks user experience won’t make it to the top of Google.

Essential SEO trends for 2022 you need to know.

Even more, it would help if you were also what the users want. Also be a useful destination for users as a Google recommended link.

For all this, you need to know the latest SEO trends to follow in 2022.

So let’s go :

1. Mobile-first is a top priority

Being mobile first is no longer a choice for website owners. This is because the mobile experience has become a must for everyone. Around 68% of all website visits are made via mobile devices. So, optimizing your site for an efficient and seamless mobile experience is a must for 2022. It will also help you improve SEO strategy results overall.

2. Voice search optimization is essential

Voice search is not new here. However, it has come a long way with multiple breakthrough innovations such as Alexa and Siri. More importantly, this technology is here to stay as around 55% of homeowners expect to get smart speakers by 2022.

As voice search improves user experience. It has therefore become essential to take steps to optimize your site for voice search. Using voice search, people also use long phrases to search. So your keyword strategy will also evolve for voice search optimization in 2022.

3. AI will have more impact on SEO

AI is also changing the way people interact with your site. That’s because AI makes it easier for visitors to search. It can also help you optimize your site’s performance and improve your content over time.

Additionally, it also provides suggestions regarding the most critical topics. Overall, AI will have a greater impact on your overall SEO strategy in 2022.

4. Better and longer content is here to stay

Longer and better content is here to stay even in 2022. This is because long and well-optimized content can get you more traffic. So if you want to attract more site visitors and keep them engaged, focus on creating long-form content. However, be sure to keep it relevant, engaging, and interesting. It will also help you stay on top of the SERPs.

5. Accessibility is key

Making your site more visible means thinking about all types of prospect needs. Marketers are now focusing more on site accessibility. Even the sites also become accessible to the hearing and visually impaired. It is not only important to rank well in search results, but also to positively influence your brand reputation.

6. Google EAT principle

Google has repeatedly emphasized the importance of quality content. So if you’re wondering what Google means by quality content, remember the EAT concept. It is synonymous with expertise, authority and trust. These are the variables that Google uses to judge whether your site provides great material or not.

7. Video content will be a fundamental part of SEO

Haven’t included video content in your SEO strategy yet? 2022 is the best time to do so. The popularity and level of engagement of video content has skyrocketed in previous years. However, to increase the visibility of your video content, be sure to optimize its various aspects.

8. Ethical bonding is still there

Link building is a classic SEO technique. Even though Google now penalizes certain link building strategies such as paid links, inorganic link building, etc. However, ethical link building strategies are still here to stay. So, rethink your link building strategies accordingly.

9. Search intent is constantly changing

User intent is another important SEO trend for 2022. Optimizing your site for online search has become critical. So it would be helpful if you now think about your business goals. Additionally, understanding how you want potential visitors to view your site is also essential.

The top three search intents are educational, navigational, and transactional. Knowing the types of user intent can help you deliver exactly what your users are looking for.

10. Good image optimization is key

From effective user experience to conversion, images play a vital role in a site’s SEO. Therefore, you should use high-quality and well-optimized images on your site. Use custom alt tags and filenames for all your images. Also, don’t forget to take a look at other image optimization factors to stay ahead of the game.

11. Brand Optimization for Search Engine Results Pages

Brand SEO happens when someone searches for your business online. This is where your prospects will get their first impression of your business. More so, it will also determine the conversion rate and CTR of your site.

So, brand SERP optimization is extremely important to grow in 2022. It will include everything from optimizing schema markup, improving factual accuracy, and creating the My Google Business profile.

12. Local SEO is still the talk of the town

Local SEO is essential when you want to make your business visible locally. Any business with a geographic presence and physical location can benefit from local SEO even in 2022. This has become critical due to pandemics as people try to contact local businesses online.

They favor home delivery more and local trusted businesses for that. Ultimately, local SEO can easily help you tap into that demographic.

Final Thoughts

All in all, SEO is not dead yet. However, the way you do SEO changes over time. So, take a look at the top SEO trends above to get the most out of your SEO strategy in 2022.

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